Author Topic: Would you play it? (d20 the card game)  (Read 3342 times)


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Would you play it? (d20 the card game)
« on: August 11, 2013, 12:42:23 PM »
If D&D + MTG had a lovechild, would you play it?

How would it look:

Draw 2 cards per rounds from your decks
Resource cards: Taverns, Libraries, Blacksmith, Magic Shops, Dungeons

Resource phase: Play up to 2 Resource cards
Summon Phase: Summon Traps, heroes, monsters ect
Attack Phase: Attack, ect
Closing Phase:

Attack Phase details
Trap Finding: At the start your attack Phase, if you have any heroes with Trap Finding, make a d20 roll, add this modifier to your roll. For each hero beyond your first you have with trapfinding, add +2 to your original roll. Reveal any traps whose DC's you meet.

Attack: At the start of your attack Phase, if any of your heroes are attacking, roll a d20, use this as the base roll when determining whether your heroes overcome AC.

Krom, Barbarian 5, Resource cost: Tavern 3
HP 24
Attack: +2
TAC: +2, medium
When Krom comes into play, you may also play equipment cards costing up to 2 Blacksmith tokens to play on Krom
2 handed weapon specialty: add 4 to Krom's attack & 9 to Krom's damage if he wields a 2 handed weapon
Cleave: 1/attack phase, if krom kills an opponent allow him to attack again.
Trap Sense: If there are unrevealed traps when Krom attacks, allow any heroe you own with trapfinding to make another search check.

Mar'j Wizard 5, Resource cost: Tavern 3
Arcane caster
HP 7
TAC: +2, no armor
When Mar'j comes into play, if you have less than 3 Libraries in play, you may play one from your hand.
Spells require 1 less arcane caster to play,  if using Mar'j to cast.

Resource cost: 2 Arcane casters, 3 libraries
Deal 5d6 damage to enemy creatures, reflex for half.

Kobold lure
Resource cost: 2 Dungeons, 1 Arcane caster
Search your deck for 3 kobold creature cards, costing 1 Dungeon or less, and put them into play.

Bear trap:
Resource cost: 2 Blacksmith
Search DC 15, 3d6, reflex save half
If revealed, this does not trigger on hero attacks.
If this card deals damage, put it in your graveyard.
Sacrifice this card at any time for 1 Blacksmith token.

I understand this could use some streamlining, but I like the general concept and think it might be workable., let me know what you think?

Some decks would be more evil minion/dungeon lord, some would be caster/spell heavy, and yet others would try to be more balanced party/dungeoneering decks.

I haven't played MTG in eons, but in a lot of ways this makes more sense to me than many abilities I've seen.

In the interest of minimizing rolls, my suggestions would have you rolling 1 attack roll per round, 1-2 search checks, ect.
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Re: Would you play it? (d20 the card game)
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2013, 01:12:18 PM »
You know what, I would play. Though I'm not sure about needing to roll dice for a card game. I like it when the cards have static numbers competing against other cards and boosting and even degrading those numbers with equipment and affects; the less stuff you need the better in my opinion, but I'm not entirely apposed to it either.
But how would you win? lol, I actually forget how magic is won. Isn't it like 20 points to your score reduced by monster attacks? I'm afraid I may have yu-gi-oh stuck in my head.


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Re: Would you play it? (d20 the card game)
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2013, 01:16:16 PM »
Well, you lose if you have less than 1 life (from 20, generally), more than 9 poison counters, are forced to draw from an empty library, or concede. A few cards provide alternate win conditions (like Azor's Elocutors), which could be a thing.
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"Honestly, I don't know if this non-core option is 1.0-ready"

No, it isn't. It may be updated at some point but it isn't 1.0-ready, which is why it isn't in 1.0. Anything that isn't in the 1.0 core rulebook should be treated as not being 1.0 compliant and used with caution if at all.


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Re: Would you play it? (d20 the card game)
« Reply #3 on: August 13, 2013, 02:48:39 AM »
This game kinda already happened like, a decade ago.  It was called "Warlord".  CCG full of d20 mechanics.


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Re: Would you play it? (d20 the card game)
« Reply #4 on: December 10, 2019, 10:25:52 PM »
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