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Re: GTB of 2525 (IC)
« Reply #105 on: October 16, 2013, 11:49:38 AM »
From the smoke below deck, Bodga yells, "There are wounded down here that need helping out!  There is one at least one robot down here trying to bite off my arm and I could use some help." 

Unless there is going to be something hard to fight, my thought is to call the encounter as over and just go to the cleanup dialogue phase.  That way we can re-group, meet each other and prepare for the next encounter.
Bodga is going to try to get the wounded out of the ship and board the rescue vessel.


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Re: GTB of 2525 (IC)
« Reply #106 on: October 17, 2013, 11:31:51 PM »
The robot attempts another swing at Bogda; but then suddenly, the floor twists out from under its feet. The robot, with no hands to grip itself into place, immediately falls sideways and the crate before it.
Bogda reacts almost instinctively. Feeling butterflies in his stomach from the sudden change in gravity he jumps sideways in time to meet the edge of the ladder-well's frame as the whole weather deck rotates to face the horizon.

Grawlix and Gerrik both saw the last balloon cable at the tip of the bow snap loose from its place and a dangerous chain reaction ensued as the remaining cables on the starboard side were quickly ripped out from the ship's frame posts.
Gerrik wasted no time as he grabbed the one surviving passenger to haul him across the ship with the help of the flying women.
With the deck rotating him upright, Grawlix manages to quickly get to his feet and grip the ship's side and for a moment he hangs there along with Bogda who had just jumped through the ladder-well hole.

A great roaring cry is heard from other passengers as the crates below deck pound against the ship's burning side and rip free through the other side, and suddenly the cries go silent.

The crew members too slide down the weather deck and smash against the ship's rails before beings tossed down into the sea below while Captain Carver grips his helm with a look of sheer determination that says, 'the world just shit on me and now I'm ready to shit back!' He hangs on defiantly to the helm and even manages to stay standing on the deck as if driving like any other day.

While the balloon manages to keep the ship's port side held up, several hemp ropes are thrown down from above. Bogda snatches one up as well as Grawlix, and just in time.

The sound as if the strings of a very deep base are snapping from too much stress, one right after the other.
The ship's nose begins plummeting, but with faster and faster intensity it swings wildly and suddenly the walls of the captain's cabin and the ship's rails are both rushing towards Grawlix and Bogda.
With a quick roll for momentum, they get back on their feet and, using the rope to hold them aloft, begin sprinting away from the cabin and jumping high to get over the rail.

As they hang there, the ship continues its descent and with Carver driving like a madman. The ship crashes into the water and potentially any survivors that already fell. Carver is immediately swallowed up by the splash. Silence is all anyone hears now, and the smoke looms like a deathly shadow as if carrying the souls of the dead with it.

Grawlix and Bogda are both hoisted up onto the deck of the Tiber. All the crew of this ship appear unbothered by what just happened. Most begin getting the ship ready to return to land. The flying girl has all her attention on the one passenger. Another crew member launches off a single flare.

*  *  *

Down below, Rocky is forced to observe the wreckage fall and holding on to the ship's wobbly safety line as a great wave attempts to overtake the small boat. The small boat barely manages to rides up the steep wave as the foamy salt water splashes onto the deck and gives everyone a chilling spray.
Rocky watches two people being pulled up onto the Tiber and then a flare launches. The man with the long hair and the blue head-band announces, "Alright, they lit the signal. Lets go home!"
The toady man acknowledges with a nod and then taps on the cabin window to signal the helmswoman with a twirl of his index finger.
The boat then begins a sharp turn and heads towards the closest island and away from the wreckage of the Fair Angel.

The question remains, were there more survivors? The shore is really not too far for a decent swimmer, but it could mean life or death for someone injured.
As if to settle any doubts, a trio of red glittery fins emerge from the water as they hasten their way to the wreckage.
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