Author Topic: 3D Printing, Eh?  (Read 1441 times)


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3D Printing, Eh?
« on: October 02, 2013, 10:14:15 AM »
You know, I can't wait to do this. Get myself as minis dressed in various outfits like "Black-Belt", "Knight", "Space Bounty Hunter" and "Squishy Wizard".

3D printing boom and how it impacts gaming, go!
"Honestly, I don't know if this non-core option is 1.0-ready"

No, it isn't. It may be updated at some point but it isn't 1.0-ready, which is why it isn't in 1.0. Anything that isn't in the 1.0 core rulebook should be treated as not being 1.0 compliant and used with caution if at all.