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Any class missing Listen, Spot, or Profession has it added to their list of class skills.

All classed that have UMD also have UPD

A few classes are tweaked, just a little. I'm leaving general things down to a gentleman's agreement. Don't be a dick and use tortured logic to
justify something like Wizards being able to cast any spell they want.

All arcane spellcasters can choose between prevserving, or defiling. Preserving is arcane casting as it stands. Defiling grants a +1 CL/DC boost,
but permenantly damages the ground around you when you cast spells. Making it even more obvious that you are casting spells.

Fractional BAB/Saves, with the muticlassing bumps still allowed.

I don't pretend these will actually fix classes, but it should make them a bit better, If a class isn't listed here, don't fret! Feel free to approach me about things. I'm more than willing to help modify your favourite pet class.

HP is Average, rounded up. max on first die as always.

Level 3, Standard WBL, 36 PB

I don't do permanent negative levels and such.

Class Changes:

•Increase his HD to a d8

Dragonfire Adept

•Improve his BAB to medium, and grant proficiency with one martial weapon of choice
•Level out breath weapon damage to 1d6/2 levels
•All Invocations are Psi-like rather than spell like

Dragon Shaman
•Improve his BAB to full
•Improve his breath weapon damage to (3/4 level) d6 (as the medium BAB progression, save that you begin with it at 1d6)
•Gain a bonus [Draconic] or Metabreath feat at 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, and 20th level.
•Draconic Aura bonus equal to his Charisma modifier or the number shown on the table, whichever is higher.
•Double all natural armor bonuses
•Gain wings at 10th level, but with clumsy maneuverability.
•At 19th level, your fly speed improves to 120 feet, with good maneuverability, and you may fly with a medium load at no penalty, and a heavy load

at half speed. You also have an overland movement speed as a dragon.
 Dragon Shamans actually worship drakes, and as such some things may be different. If anyone likes Dragon Shamans (I doubt it) I'll explain the new

•Add Balance, Handle Animal, Profession, Listen, Spot, and Use Magic Device to skill list, boost points to 4+ Int
•Advanced Learning at 4th, 8th, 12th, 16th, and 20th levels, learning a single sorcerer/wizard spell of any school from any level up to 1 level

lower than the highest level of spell you can currently cast.
•Duskblades know all spells on their list, and cast them spontaneously

 As a variant option, have your spellcasting based on Charisma and Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, and Intimidate to skill list, replacing

Decipher Script, all Knowledge skills but (Arcana).


•Add Balance, Handle Animal, Profession, Listen, Spot, and Use Magic Device to skill list, boost points to 4+ Int
•Hexblades know all spells on their list, and cast the spontaneously.
•Hexblades get one spell per day per spell level more than shown on the table.
•His curse may be used level+Cha modifier times per encounter as a swift action.
•Curse applies to all die rolls made by the target, and all rolls made against them, although only once on opposed rolls.
•Bonus feats every 4 levels, and may select fighter bonus feats as well as the limited list presented.
•At 11th level, he may sacrifice a use of his curse to cast a spell as a swift action.
•Hexblades draw on the Gray or Black for the spells, and thus do not preserve or defile, and can cast spells in areas with no plant life.

•Boost their BAB to medium (as the cleric)
•Double the number of times per day Rapid Meldshaping may be used.
•Perfect Meldshaper may be used [Wis Mod] times per day.

•Increase his HD to d8
•Darkstalker as a bonuse feat at 5th level.

•Upgrade his HD to a d8
•Add Hide and Move Silently to their list of class skills
•His number of invocations known equals his level (see Complete Mage for more choices)
•Eldrich Blast deals 1d6/2 levels damage, as a rogue's sneak attack.

New ACF: Stalwart Warlock

•Upgrade his HD to d10
•Upgrade his BAB to full
•Proficiency with all martial weapons
•Gain the Duskblade's Armored Mage ability, with all its upgrades.
•Lose Eldrich Blast, gain only the standard number of invocations
•Eldrich Essence invocations may be used with mundane attacks instead of your Eldrich Blast. As a swift action, you may apply an Eldrich Essence to

all of your attacks for one round

Additional Classes
The DSP psionics versions of the Soulknife and Wilder, as well as the Aegis and Vitalist, are up for selection.This may require some cooperation to adequately translate it to 3.5 mechanics. Other classes may be requested.

Monsterous races
Athas is known for various powerful races, some of which were intended as player selections. In general, as a rule of thumb subject to modifcation in edge cases, a monster is a character of it's CR+1. For the base races (with modifications) it comes out as this. All HD mentioned are required to be taken- no trading them out.:

Aakerocera: 1HD monsterous humanoid. You can fucking fly, you can deal with shitty statmods and a racial HD.
Thri-Kreen: 2 HD monsterous humanoid.
Half-Giant: 2 HD giant, stat mods changed to +8 Str, -2 dex, +4 con, -2 int, -2 wis, -4 cha.
Mul: +0. Enjoy the strength. They don't actually get many benefits besides that.

Other races that may be intresting

Gith: +0
Nikall: +0
Bvanen: 3 HD Abberation
Dray (both): 1HD dragon

All characters may have on "regional" feat from the list in the book, with the exception of Freedom, which is banned. If you'd rather have a

similar, non effective pre-requesite feat for this slot, such or the like, feel free.

2 Flaws, 2 Traits.
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