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Forum Rules (Please Read)
« on: March 02, 2012, 10:47:22 AM »
Welcome to the Rule of Cool community boards! We strive to make this a fun place to engage with others, but to keep things civil, we do ask that you follow these rules:

Rule #1: Don't Be Terrible.
   Really easy. Don't flame; don't be passive-aggressive; don't be elitist. Don't post obvious spoilers where people can see. Don't needlessly bump threads. Don't threadcrap. If the intent of your post is to make someone else go away, chances are you should revise it.

Rule #2: Keep it PG-13.
   Yes, profanity is a thing. We all know the words, we all use the words. Don't go overboard with the profanity, and don't employ profanity in a fashion demeaning to another poster. If you want to talk about sex, keep it SFW and don't get explicit.

Rule #3: Report, Don't Respond
   Trolls are also a thing. So is anger, and so is retaliation. Unfortunately, none of these things are helpful to the board or the mods. If a poster has broken a rule or is offending you or another user, please do not "vigilante mod" or otherwise post a retort. Instead, report the offending post so that the moderators can deal with it. It's a fact of life that some posts will escape moderator notice for a few hours, depending on time of day - do not take it as a sign that the mods are "useless" or playing favorites. Each report will be fairly assessed.

Rule #4: Criminal Activity
   Posts containing illegal content - including but not limited to discussion of how to commit illegal activities, discussion of the use or acquisition of illegal substances, or posts that violate a law in and of themselves - will result in an immediate ban for the poster. The laws of the United States of America will be considered the primary benchmark for legality; Rule of Cool Games takes no responsibility for content contravening the laws of any other jurisdiction, and users subject to such laws are responsible for ensuring their own compliance with such laws.

Rule #5: Respect the Mods
   Moderators are not holding users to specific point or "three strikes" systems for infractions; however, in return for this flexibility, we ask that you as users respect our directives when issued. Do not modify amendments to your posts made by moderators, do not challenge a moderator's ruling in the thread where it is issued (use the Tribunal board or a private message to address your concerns instead) and do not ignore or disrespect the moderators when they take action. The same applies to administrators. When the mods are posting in blue text, they are delivering an official statement. Do not ignore the blue text.

Rule #6: No Commercial Activity
   Do not post advertisements for commercial products, services, or events without permission from a forum moderator or forum administrator. Note that a suggestion of a product in the course of a related discussion is not considered advertising (unless the poster holds a personal stake in the finances of the company suggested). Posters are not permitted to advertise or sell goods or services on this forum without prior written permission from a moderator or administrator. If you wish to advertise a non-commercial website, please refer to rules regarding advertising. All approval must be in writing and sent on this forum; any approval by such individuals outside of this medium will not be considered valid.

Rule #7: Do Not Share Unreleased Rule of Cool Materials On The Forums
   That means anything that has not been formally published on or through the site. Even if you were able to get a link on the IRC channel or elsewhere, material that is not public cannot be linked on the forums. We also strongly discourage discussion of unreleased material on the forums. That sort of thing is for the IRC channel, or for private messages to members of the development team if there's a concern you want to raise. We're easy to spot; we've all got a cog under our names somewhere.

Rule #8: You're Accountable
   Regardless of the fact that we do not use a fixed points or three-strikes system for moderation, we do track infractions over time, and severe infractions will bring up a review for a ban. However, we recognize that circumstances can change and that we are not perfect arbiters. In light of that, we have linked your accountability for breaking rules to ours for enforcing them. A moderator will flag a post for which a user was sent a warning, and leave the content intact so that others can understand why we feel the rules were broken, save for cases when leaving the content in place would cause continual harm or we feel the nature of the infraction is particularly severe (spam, for example). If your post is flagged, modifying it in any way is a contravention of Rule #5 and will be dealt with. That said, you can choose to delete a flagged post outright. Here is what this rule codifies:
    That posts which result in a warning will be marked as such by a moderator, publicly, via modification;
    That deletion of such a post by the user is an implicit acknowledgement that the warning received was justified; and
    That such deletion waives any right to contest the warning received.

        Be aware of what this means. We can track all of your infractions to date. We have moderator reports and conferences on disciplinary action. If you decide you'd rather not have a public account of your rulebreaking, that is your choice - but deleting it removes your right to either contest it or call it into evidence should you be put up for more strict moderation.

Additional Terms and Acceptance
   By registering and posting on the Rule of Cool Forums you attest that you are the copyright holder for all material that you post on our site, and that you authorize Rule of Cool Games, their forum owner and staff, and their successors, to display, use, or modify your copyrighted content on this forum and any similar or successor mediums in perpetuity. You also grant them the right to modify any or all of your posts in order to enforce compliance with the forum rules, or for other reasons deemed appropriate, though they are under no obligation to do so beyond that provided by law.
        All content posted on the forums is assumed to be released under the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license, which may be viewed at You may elect to release the information under a different license at your discretion, in which case the license must be detailed or identified in each post to which it applies.

   Usage of this site, including but not limited to making or editing a post or private message or the creation of an account, constitutes acceptance of the forum rules.
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