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Campaign Log: Chaos Infiltration Squad
« on: March 24, 2015, 06:23:47 PM »
Rise of Morgoth
Campaign Log

I've decided to start compiling my campaign's journal, and I've seen a few on here already so I thought it might be fun to share my experience with you guys as well. :3

I’ve thieved some of the format from Altaria87, as I read his campaign log and loved it. So I’ll be posting it in session clumps, we’re already up to the 5th/6th session, so I’ll be posting all those up pretty quickly, but then it’ll slow down a lot since we only play once every few weeks or so.

Campaign & Setting:
Original LOTR campaign set in Middle-earth around 400 years after the War of the Ring. By sacrificing a few of their numbers, Sauron's Ringwraiths were able to free Morgoth, the first Dark Lord, from his prison in hopes that when he regained power, he would locate and elevate Sauron as his general. 2 rings were destroyed in the process, and another 4 were lost from their wraiths (who subsequently withered and died without the rings to power them). The PCs are drawn together by the darkness in their hearts, and race to rise Morgoth once again to destroy Middle-earth.

The Party:
- Elhadron, the Dunedain (Human[?]) Racial Homebrew Track*/Iron Magi/Vigilante: Party bank, quest receiver, official boyfriend of the healer and currently the de facto leader.
Languages: Sindarin, Westron (Common), Rohirric, Black Speech.
Appearance: 80-90% attractiveness. Dressed in earthen colours, there seems to be little unremarkable about Elhadron, even if his hood does hide his face a lot.
Weapons: Long bow, long sword.

- Helmetsmasher, the Ghoul (Undead) Ghoul/Rage/Path of the Ancestors: Not much is really known about Helmetsmasher, or how he got his name. But he’s just a bit of a douche and likes to bite people for no reason.
Languages: Westron (Common).
Appearance: 30~% attractiveness. (The Player keeps changing his appearance, so I’m waiting for him to get back to me with the finalized one.)
Weapons: His 'teeth'.

- Thora, the Shieldmaiden (Human) Judgment/Smiting/Bastion: Human Paladin of Morgoth with a snazzy cloak. She likes to think of herself as a diplomat, despite that the only social skill she has is Intimidate. Her motto is: if it doesn’t work, scare it until it does.
Languages: Rohirric, Basic Westron (Common).
Appearance: Low 70-80% attractiveness. Typical Paladin donned in dulled iron armour and burgundy cloak (with evil sparkles).
Weapons: Short sword, enchanted shield, short bow.

- Thangwen Tyelca (Human) Shaman Spellcasting/Shaman's Path (Earth Elemental)/Runesong Scholar/Incantation: Formally a Priestess of Orome, her heritage derives from Rohirric royalty, with her father Eogar, a descendent of Eomer and her mother, Restoriel of Gondor, a descendent of Aragorn. Official girlfriend of the Dunedain.
Languages: Rohirric, Westron (Common), Sindarin.
Appearance: 95~% attractiveness. Thangwen appears to have inherited her mother’s dark hair and gentle features more than her father’s rough appearance. And years as a cleric have only prevented them from leaving her.
Weapons: Spells, dagger.

- Boffin Groinsbane (Dwarf) Rage/Earth Elemental/Path of Destruction: Dwarf from the Red Mountains, expert in the martial arts of testicular combat, claims to know over 350 different manoeuvres to cripple an opponent’s goonies.
Languages: Khuzdul (Dwarven), Black Speech, Westron (Common), Rohirric.
Appearance: 83% attractive roll. Wears boots, pants and a knee length coat with no shirt. Luxurious chest hair is shaved into the shape of his homeland.
Weapons: Rock gauntlets.

Past Characters:
- Trent Morrigan, the Sellsword (Human) Dervish/Path of Destruction/Show Fighter: A sellsword from Bree who's loyalties lie with the highest bidder. A dirty fighter with a few tricks up his sleeve. His loyalties only extend as far as his abilities allow and is not prepared to die for any cause, he'd prefer to die an old, rich man with whores at his bedside.
Languages: Hobbitish, Westron (Common).
Appearance: 55-65% attractiveness. Trent is very unremarkable in appearance. (Player modelled him from Game of Throne’s Bronn.)
Weapons: Broadsword, crossbow.

- Dora, the Horse-lord (Human, minus 1 horse) : Vigilante/Knight/Horse-lord homebrew*: Owned a chestnut Rohirric horse by the name of Striker, unfortunately it was ‘accidentally’ sold by the Sellsword in Annuminas. Dora holds a deep, unsettling love and pride for her home, Edoras, and the Rohirrim people.
Languages: Rohirric, Westron (Common).
Appearance: 50-60% attractiveness. Noble shieldmaiden of Rohan, clothed in official Rohirric armour.
Weapons: Spear, shield, short bow.

Session 1

Meeting Place
The game begins at Weathertop, where the PCs (all of whom received a strange message to meet) see each other for the first time. A strange, tall hooded man stands at the summit with a jet black horse by one side of him, and a sellsword on the other, awaiting them. He greets himself as the Dunedain and his companion as the Sellsword. The game currently consists of the Dunedain, the Ghoul, the Horse-lord, the Shieldmaiden and the Sellsword.

The Dunedain reads aloud a scroll sending the PCs on their first mission, to meet up with a contact regarded as ‘B’ in the letter, in Annuminas, capital of Arnor, and just short of a day’s walk from Weathertop. On the way they see a looted, covered caravan consisting a food goods and a large supply of salt and lamp oil, they hitch on of their horses to the cart and take it with them to Annuminas.

The Contact
They find their way to Annuminas and proceed to ruin the sidequest the caravan was made for by killing the merchant who had been awaiting the cart and stashing his corpse in it. They then find his family and kill them, too – leaving his young daughter an orphan alone in the shop. After this they go to find B, who the party, with an exceptionally good history check, guessed that the B referred to Brenthor son of Brendal, captain of the Annuminas guard with a corrupt reputation.

Sure enough, they find him and he gives them a starter quest, to see if they are to be trusted: fetch the Bren family heirloom, the Helm of the Heart from the ruins of Fornost.

Recovering the Artifact
The party makes their way to Fornost and disturb a falconer in training, then kill him and his falcon. They didn’t recognise the trap, however, and were caught into gladiator-style arena battles. In a series of 3 rounds, they beat vampires, a weakened olag-hai and war hounds.

They were granted access to Fornost and pushed on with the quest, going on the puzzles and blazing their way through uninterestingly. Meanwhile, the Sellsword finds an enchanted black kitten who attaches itself to him, which he promptly gives to the Sheildmaiden. They find the Helm of the Heart and the Sellsword is the first to pick it up and immediately tries it on, and spectacularly fails his Will save, so is warped back to his hometown of Bree.

Though since the party has to pass through Bree to return to Fornost, they retrieve their lost party member in the Prancing Pony.  They then return to Brenthor, who thanks them and gives them the name of a contact in Edoras; the Horse-lord expresses her excitement at returning to Rohan while the others discuss plans for infiltrating Edoras.

* A quick mention that these two tracks, the Racial homebrew track, and the Horse-lord track are ones me and my friend have been putting together, but neither are finished, which is why I’m reluctant to post them.
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Re: Campaign Log: Chaos Infiltration Squad
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What I learned from this helped me tremendously.


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Re: Campaign Log: Chaos Infiltration Squad
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It's a very good campaign. I really like I hope to have a campaign.