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Fire Elemental Redux
« on: July 08, 2015, 02:59:55 PM »
This redesign is meant to shift the character away from the Immunity/Healing effects and into a variable role as either a fireball-slinger or a melee support track.

1st Circle: Flame Kiss(Su)

At-Will as a standard action, you may deal energy damage with the [Fire] descriptor equal to (your KOM plus half your level) to target creature within [Medium] range, and cause the creature to begin [Burning].

2nd Circle: Persistent Inferno(Su)

You may now use Flame Kiss once per [Round] as a move action. Additionally, choose one of the following:

Firefighter(Su): At the start of your turn, you are healed 1 hit point per circle of Fire Elemental you possess for each opponent with the [Burning] condition within your [Close] range.


3rd Circle: Fire's Embrace(Su) - You gain the following abilities

Twinflame(Su): When you use Flame Kiss as a Standard or Move action, you may either have it deal KOM additional damage or have it target an additional opponent.


4th Circle: Firewalker(Su) - Choose 2 of the following

Burning Core(Su): Your Flame Kiss deals additional damage equal to half your level against opponents within [Close] range.

Sudden Spark(Su): Once per [Round], you may activate Flame Kiss as a Swift action.

Undying Flame(Su): Opponents within your [Close] Range cannot remove the [Burning] condition.

Drawn to Flame(Su): Once per [Round] when you use a move action, before you take your move action you may place yourself adjacent to an opponent with the [Burning] condition within your [Close] range.

Return Fire(Su): The healing effect from Firefighter now applies to opponents within [Medium] range and is doubled for opponents within [Close] range.

5th Circle: Burning Ring of Fire(Su) - Choose one

Scorch(Su): Opponents who being their turn in your [Melee] range are dealt energy damage equal to your level that cannot be mitigated or reduced, begin [Burning], and become [Fatigued] for 1 round. A Fortitude save halves the damage and negates the [Fatigued] condition.

White Hot(Su): Energy damage with the [Fire] descriptor dealt by abilities from this track ignores an amount of Resistance up to half your level.

Burning Bright(Su): Any opponent in your [Medium] range that is burning is also [Revealed] and [Dazzled].

6th Circle: Sudden Inferno(Su)

Once per [Encounter], as a standard action, you can raise an inferno from nothing, creating a Blaze marker in each of up to seven different target squares within [Medium] range, which last until the end of the [Encounter].  A Blaze marker has no HP or AC, does not impede sight or movement, and cannot be attacked or targeted.

Additionally, choose two of the following abilities:

Boundless Flame(Su): You may treat all spaces containing Blaze Markers as adjacent for movement purposes.

Fire's Eyes(Su): You may establish line of sight from Blaze Markers and you may target opponents withing [Close] range of one of your Blaze Markers with your Flame Kiss ability.

Flame Lash(Su): At the end of each opponent’s turn, if that opponent is within your [Melee] range of a square with a Blaze marker you created in it, Sudden Inferno deals energy damage with the [Fire] descriptor equal to your character level plus your Key Offensive Modifier to that opponent and inflicts the [Burning] condition on that opponent.

Fireworks(Su): As a Standard action, you may target each opponent within [Close] range of one of your Blaze Markers with Flame Kiss (this does not trigger the Twinflame ability)

7th Circle(Su): Sirocco - Choose Two

Flamewake(Su): After you move as part of a move action, you may deal damage equal to (your level plus your KOM) to each opponent who was within 10 feet of your path at any point.

Flame On(Su): When you use Flame Kiss as a Standard action, you may add your KOM to the damage or target an additional opponent (this ability stacks with Twinflame).

What in the Blazes(Su): You get a bonus to all damage equal to your KOM while you are within 10 feet of a Blaze Marker.

Dancing Flames(Su): Every time you activate your Flame Kiss ability, you may move a Blaze marker 10 feet.

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Re: Fire Elemental Redux
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Does the knowledge forum in this forum have a knowledgeable source of guidance?


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Re: Fire Elemental Redux
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Next time, I will help share the information of this story with you in another way.