Author Topic: Homebrew Index on D&D Wiki  (Read 14796 times)


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Re: Homebrew Index on D&D Wiki
« Reply #30 on: October 14, 2012, 05:58:06 PM »
I think that sets the official record straight rather nicely. Thank you, Tarkisflux.

If anyone has any additional comments they feel need to be added to the record in this thread, please PM me regarding them. Otherwise, this thread is closed and further discussion can be done elsewhere.

Hello Legend homebrewers! I'm Tarkisflux, one of the admins of the wiki. I thought I'd pop in to clear a few things up.

On balance tags - These are our version of the Tiers that you may be more familiar with. I wouldn't call any of them OP or underpowered or suggest that one was better than the others because they're basically just playstyle tags. And since one of our goals was to cater to different playstyles, that meant making it clear what material was balanced against so that you could more easily find stuff that was appropriate for a game.

Since Legend is a lot tighter on the balance side, it might not even need those tags. Or it might need different tags, so that you could have the joke OP material clearly marked as such. But you don't need to worry about fitting with the balance tags we have for 3.x. Legend is a different game with different goals, and it can have different wiki bits to support that.

On 'big brother' - I think the quoted bits were misunderstood (or poorly written). They are also a bit dated now, but I wanted to clear them up a bit. The intent here is not to make people change their work, but to make sure that the balance tags are applied consistently so they remain useful. What normally happens is that someone writes something and specifies a balance for it, and someone comments why they don't think it was met on the talk page. And then a discussion happens and stuff proceeds normally, probably a lot like it would here.

If the disagreement isn't resolved, then the community might get involved and change the balance tag on the article to what is considered more appropriate. But at no point is the work changed against the wishes of the author, aside from the balance tag. And that is only done to try to keep them meaningful and consistent across all wiki content. Everything else is as they intended it. This is not used to keep material off the wiki, though there are other mechanisms for that that we can talk about if you want to. If legend doesn't have tags for balance because there aren't different applicable balances to play at, then it's probably not ever going to come up.

On authorial control - the listed author of an article always has final say over their work. We think most brewers take a bit of pride in their work and want to be recognized for it, and that gets diluted (if not turned into misrepresentation) when someone makes a substantial edit under someone else's name. We don't like it and we try to avoid it and stop it. We will also delete articles on the request of the original author, for any or no reason, so if you decide you don't want something up there anymore it can go away. The author also gets to say how much external editing they are willing to allow, which brings me to...

On open editing - While it does sometimes happen that a page will get edited in an unhelpful way, it doesn't really last long most of the time. Unregistered user edits are looked at by users and reverted if they violated the editing restrictions on the article. But these things get missed sometimes in a volunteer community, so keeping an eye on your own work is probably the best plan. There are tools available to help keep tabs on stuff. You can add pages to a watchlist and see only changes to those pages instead of sorting through all of the changes on the wiki (those pages will also be bolded on the all changes log for you). And you can set email alerts for pages when someone other than you makes an edit to them. While it is not as hands off as a forum, it doesn't have to be much more hands on either.

On moving articles - It won't happen without your express permission. This is not an "opt-out" thing, so if you don't "opt-in" and ask for help or do it yourself, it won't get done. And I don't see the wiki replacing discussion and work on these forums, particularly if people elect to use it for more finished storage instead of working bits.

I hope that clears some things up :) and addresses some concerns. If you have any other questions, I'd be happy to answer them.