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Artists Wanted
« on: June 05, 2012, 06:46:49 PM »
Are you artists? Do you know artists? Do the artists you know/are want a share of the Kickstarter's proceeds and/or to help out the Legend project?

Now that the text part of Legend's core book is nearing completion (spoiler alert: 1.0, guys, it's coming), it is time to kick the art side into high gear! If you're reasonably certain that the artist you have in mind can approximate the quality and range of styles that appears in the Legend book, give us a shout! By which I mean throw an email at with a portfolio link or something along those lines. Please don't send me files. I don't want your files. There are lots of places to host stuff on these great big Internets of ours.

The projects that need illustrations are fairly varied and quite plentiful, so if you know artists who only work in, say, grotesque and otherworldly horrors, or sprawling pastoral landscapes, then there's still stuff for them to do.

Well, perhaps not that last thing. Legend's "life is great and everything is exactly as it seems and you should really drop that silly adventuring nonsense and become a gardener" setting is not far enough along in development to need art yet.  :P