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Pantheon: The Next Generation
« on: September 21, 2012, 10:34:24 PM »

Inspiration for this idea comes from the game of the same name, and the Scion game ran over in Spam.
Also, other games, such as Smite, and possibly even Primal Rage.
This game will not be any of those games, but they might include all the Pantheons.

I'm interested in hosting a game where there will be mysterious new comers to the divine games, restarting the Pantheons of Old, such as the Gaulian, Irish, Norse, Greek, Egyptian, etcetera style families of gods. Other such gods from teh past, (Ra, Zeus and others) existed in the past but are mysteriously absent. You, the player character, will be the Representative of this Pantheon on Earth, and have a special bond relating to it, and be it's new founder, and thus, among the very first of the New gods, AND the founder of the new diving family.

The Pantheons I'm looking for are:
Urth Pantheon (Virtuous Beasts/Destructive Beasts)* Primal Rage
Lovecraftian gods (Great Old Ones)* HP Lovecraft
Norse Pantheon ( Aesir )
Japanese Pantheon ( Amatsukami )
Chinese Pantheon ( Celestial Bureaucracy )
Aztec Pantheon ( Aztlanti )
Irish Pantheon ( Tuatha de Danann )
Gaulish Pantheon ( Nemetondevos )
Greek/Roman Pantheon ( Dodekatheon )
Egyptian Pantheon ( Pesedjet )
Persian Pantheon ( Yazata )
Mesopotamian Pantheon ( Anunna )
Caribbean / African Pantheon ( Loa )
Indian Pantheon ( Devas )
Polynesian Pantheon ( Atua )

. . . AND MORE. Submit your own, but you must include your own gods to me in a PM. If you don't know anything about any of the Pantheons, google them and see if you want to role play their representative.

Google your characters and know them as well as a good glance over can tell about them.

Character Sheet:
Pantheon You Represent:
Powers: (Choose one deity that specifically represents you at first and then you will develop powers of the other gods as you grow stronger).