Author Topic: A Line in the Sand  (Read 3387 times)


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A Line in the Sand
« on: July 03, 2012, 05:01:30 PM »
Alright, this has become a repeat issue of late, and we've decided to lay down some firm policy on the subject:

Unreleased and work-in-progress material for the Legend system has been available for contribution, comment and perusal by users of the #Legend IRC channel. This is not a secret; the open standards of development are a hallmark of our work, and have led to some excellent expansions of the development team. In short, it's a good thing, and we're proud of it.

However, and I want to make this absolutely clear, this forum is not the IRC channel.

The IRC channel is specifically the locus of development work and contribution. People with suggestions and contributions are expected to field them there, and only the fact that material is worked on through that medium makes available unreleased and work-in-progress materials. The IRC channel is the place for all public discussion of upcoming and in-progress content. The forum is not.

If you have somehow accessed unreleased material without going to the IRC channel, and/or have some concern or suggestion that you cannot come to the IRC channel to deliver, send a private message to one of the members of the development team. We're all easy to spot; we have cogs under our names in every forum post.

We recognize that new material is exciting, or controversial, or intriguing, and merits discussion. However, the forum plays host to many people who are not on the IRC channel and do not have access to in-development materials. There is a medium for legitimate discussion of in-progress work, and this forum is not it. Going forward, we ask that you respect this rule.