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Re: Heroes Reborn: Character Profiles
« Reply #15 on: January 15, 2013, 08:17:44 AM »
Team Hero, natch.
Mobile damage dealer/debuffer, backup socialite, oh god too many options

Sen Mira
LN (Refluffed) Dragonborn Magic-Blooded Lesser Aasimar Wyrm Warrior 8//Wardancer 8


Ability Scores
Racial adjustments: -2 Dex, +2 Con, +4 Cha
Stat array, items included

Str 16 [16]
Dex 12 [14 - 2 race]
Con 18 [16 + 2 race]
Int 10 [10]
Wis 12 [12]
Cha 26 [18 + 4 race + 2 level + 2 Enhancement]

HD: 8d10+32+1 (113 hp)
Saves: F +12, R +9, W +9
AC: 22 (10 + 1 Dex + 8 Armor + 4 Natural Armor - 1 Flaw), touch 12, flat-footed 22; +8 Battlegrace, +2 vs. ranged
Initiative: +10; Roll twice and take better
Speed: 50 ft.
Senses: +19 Spot; Darkvision 60ft, Low-Light Vision, See the Next World, Transcendent Sight
BAB/Grapple: +8/+11
Defenses: Energy resistance 8, light fortification
Attacks: Base: Jovar +14/+9 (2d6+14/18-20)
Dancing: Jovar +22/+22/+17 (2d6+22/18-20)
Dancing+Rising Spirit: +24/+24/+19 (2d6+22/18-20)

Racial Traits
-2 Dex, +2 Con, +4 Cha
+2 Dodge to AC vs. Dragons
Immunity to Frightful Presence
Mind aspect
-Immunity to sleep and paralysis
-Darkvision 60 ft
-Low-Light Vision
-+2 Listen, Search, Spot

Class Features
Blade: Swift action, expend maneuver for (level)d6 energy damage on attacks for the round.
Primary Ideals: T'ien Lung, Stalking Wyrm Topaz, Wyrm of War Axial; gain class skills and EWPs.
Scales: +Con natural armor, Cha energy resist.
Breath 2d4: Standard action, expend maneuver for (2xlevel)d4 energy damage breath weapon.
Draconic Recovery: Recover all maneuvers as a standard action by suppressing ideal powers for 1 minute.
Wings: Swift action, expend maneuver for (10xlevel)ft fly speed for Cha rounds.
Rapid Re-Expression: 1/day change one expressed ideal as a full-round action.

Battlegrace (Nimble Dance, Elegant Defense): Move action; expend maneuver to get +Dex to Perform (Dance) or +Cha Dodge to AC for (level) rounds.
Wardance: Nonaction; enter wardance for (Perform ranks) rounds and get +Cha to hit and damagein melee. Move up to speed in a full attack. Move at least 5ft per round or dance ends. Fatigued afterwards.
Graceful Dance: Swift action; make Perform (Dance) check at DC 15+(enemies within 30ft) to avoid AoOs for moving for a round.
Rapid Steps: +10ft base land speed at lvl 2, 6, 12, 18.
Opportunistic Recovery: Free action; recover a maneuver when an enemy provokes an AoO by moving.
Uncanny Dodge: Blah.
Improved Wardance: +(1/5 level) attacks at highest BAB in a full attack while in a wardance.
Deceptive Motion: Free action; move 10+ feet and end threatening an enemy to make a feint attempt with Perform (Dance).
Mesmerizing Dance: Do nothing but move and move at least base land speed to force Will saves vs. fascination from opponents within 30ft (DC equal to Perform (Dance) check). Fascinated creatures don't get new saves for potential threats or obvious threats not adjacent to creature.

Feats, Flaws, Traits
Flaw: Weapon Finesse (Garryl)
Flaw: Transcendent Sight
1: Power Attack
3: Improved Initiative
6: Blade Meditation (Rising Spirit)

Shaky: -2 ranged attacks
Vulnerable: -1 AC
Far-Sighted: +1 Spot, -2 Search

Bluff +13 (5 ranks + 8 Cha)
Concentration +5 (1 rank + 4 Con)
Diplomacy +15 (5 ranks + 8 Cha + 2 Synergy)
Intimidate +21 (11 ranks + 8 Cha + 2 synergy)
Listen +7 (0 ranks + 2 Wis + 2 Racial + 1 Dragontouched + 2 Competence)
Perform (Dance) +19 (11 ranks + 8 Cha)
Spot +19 (11 ranks + 2 Wis + 2 Racial + 1 Dragontouched + 2 Blade Meditation + 1 Trait + 2 Competence)

Equip & Wealth
   WBL: 800/27,000
(+2) Ghost Ward Light Fortification Mithral Chain Shirt - 5,100
-MW Cahar-Aina - 225
-MW Dastana - 175
-Least Crystal of Arrow Deflection - 500
(+2) Devoted Spirit Warning Jovar - 8,800
Cloak of Resistance +2 - 4,000
Steadfast Boots - 1,400
Ring of Anticipation - 6,000

Ideals Known & Expressed
Ideal power uses: 16/day

Antiethical damage/antiethical resist
Climb, Sense Motive
-Detect Alignment: Use Detect Good/Evil/Law/Chaos as a SLA 3/day, spend ideal power uses for extra uses.
-Nondetection: Spend ideal power use to use Nondetection as a SLA.

[Light] damage/bonus to saves vs. dazzling, blindness, [Light]
Kaleidoscopic Dream
-Charming: Spend an ideal power use to use Psionic Charm as a PLA.
-Blinding Breath: Blind creatures that fail a save vs. the breath weapon for 1d4 rounds.

Fortune's Fang Fang
Slashing+Piercing damage/DR/Bludgeoning
Coin's Edge
-Increased Damage: Melee attacks deal damage as if 1 size category larger.
-Mimic: Bluff check vs. Will save to mimic any voice or sound heard in the past 24 hours.

Stalking Wyrm Topaz
Dehydration damage/cold resist
Fox's Guile
Bluff, Survival
-Favored Enemy: Gain a chosen favored enemy on expressing ideal.
-Fog Cloud: Standard action; expend ideal power use to use Fog Cloud as a SLA.

T'ien Lung (Yu Lung)
Fire damage/fire resist
Rising Spirit
Listen, Spot
-Invisibility: Swift action; expend an ideal power use to become invisible as the spell for 1 round.
-Detect Thoughts: Standard action; expend an ideal power use to use Detect Thoughts as a SLA.

Wyrm of War Axial
Force damage/force resist
Sublime Tapestry
-Martial Prowess: IL/4 Fighter bonus feats.
-Bane of Poison: Immunity to poison.

Maneuvers Known & Readied
Wyrm Warrior
Rising Spirit
Fox's Guile
Sublime Tapestry
Asura - Empty Victory (RS Counter 1)[Readied]
Mortal - Fleeting Passion (RS Boost 1)
Reactive Focus (ST Counter 2)
Reach for the Spectral Feast (RS Boost 3)[Readied]
Asura - Slash of Present (RS Counter 3)[Readied]
Hell - Reign of Terror (RS Boost 4)[Readied]
Multi-Counter (ST Counter 4)[Readied]
[Floating]Brute - Fool's Petard (RS Strike 4)

See the Next World (RS Stance 1)[Active]
Ninja's Stance (FG Stance 1)

Dancing Leaf
Dancing Goddess
Dancing Fox
Vigil of Steel (DL Counter 1)[Readied]
Flashing Sun (DW Strike 2)
Turn Back the Wind (DL Counter 2)
Rose's Thorn Riposte (DL Counter 3)[Readied]
Dance of Death (DG Strike 3)
Step Past the World (DL Counter 4)[Readied]
Weeping Autumn Leaves (DL Counter 4)[Readied]

Dance of Laysa (DG Stance 1)
Trickster's Tail (DF Stance 1)

For as long as she can remember, Sen has lived in the clouds.

In the bright palace of the man she called just Teacher, the upbringing was strict: diet and activities were strictly controlled; she wore weight bands during the day as soon as she could walk, light at first then progressively heavier. She sat in on conferences, listening, observing, and carrying trays of food and drink. Supernatural creatures of all shapes and sizes attended these meetings, some in humanoid guise, some invisible, many much stranger. Once she was able to speak, read, and write fluently, Sen read to the guests messages from those who only attended by letter, summarized protocols, and similar. Though she was never explicitly told, it was attending such conferences that Sen learned of Teacher's many titles and of his nature as a Celestial dragon.

Shortly before the start of her pubertal growth spurt, Sen first began training with the sword proper. She trained swings and stances, meditated, sparred. Interaction with visitors led to interaction with ghosts and other hauntings. Sen conducted exorcisms, for insight more than anything else: To know them by the blade if not by conversation. After proving herself reliable (learning to grow wings also helped), she was sent as an envoy and messenger to Teacher's allies and acquaintances: Other dragons, the neighboring country's God-king, spiritual entities.

Two years ago, something changed. Teacher had Sen practice dancing, and despite never having tried it before, she took to it like a fish to water. Learning almost faster than she had learned to wield a weapon, it felt more like returning to an original state of being than learning a new skill, in combat and out.

Equipment Wish List
Moar Cha
Moar saves
Ring of Protection or other deflection to AC
Ring of Entropic Deflection
All the things that activate off moving
Possibly weapon properties: Keen, Parrying, Defending, Magebane, the works
Armor: Moar fortification, Blurring
Slippers of Battledancing, natch
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Re: Heroes Reborn: Character Profiles
« Reply #16 on: January 17, 2013, 08:10:54 PM »
Yan Ba-zhe

Ancestor: Marilith 8
Descendant: Monk 8

Party role: Backup party face (bluffing and intimidation only), listener, beating and freaking the absolute freaking hell out of people.
Team Monster

The nitty-gritties
BAB: 8

BSF: 12
BSR: 7
BSW: 9

STR: 22, DEX: 14, CON: 20, INT: 10  WIS: 16 CHA: 14

AC: 20 (before items)

Class skills: Balance, Climb, Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Escape Artist, Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Perform, Profession, Sense Motive, Spot, Swim, Tumble
Bluff , Disguise , Intimidate , Knowledge (any) , Search , Spellcraft , Spot , Survival , Use Magic Device

Skills taken: Bluff 13, Intimidate 15, Tumble 13, Listen 14, Sense Motive 14, Perform: Outrageously Impractical-looking Combat Kata 13, UMD: 14

Trait: Hardy


1- Power Attack
Human- Multiweapon Fighting
Flaw- Deceptively Innocent-Looking
Flaw- Improved Bull Rush
6- Shocktrooper

I'm having a real bitch of a time picking that 3rd level feat. Any homebrew suggestions? This may be a decent find...


Let me tell you the story of how I became my own great-great-great-great-great-grandpa.

My name is, or used to be, Thinbalt the Everlight. I was a Knight of the Order of Shenlak, which you won't have heard of for some time as I tell you this story. The Order's main tenet was that the world is not made up of pure black and white; within even the greatest evil lies good, and vice-versa. We're the kind of knights, clerics and healers that gave would-be redemptees a fighting chance. We're the kind of people who exposed conspiracies within the hearts of kingdoms, found the demons who broke free of the influence of the lower planes, and restored balance and order to places ridden with war, pestilence and famine.

Or we used to be, anyway.

My memory's kinda fuzzy about when that happened, but some few centuries back there was a war going on - ain't that always how it goes? - and boy was mankind in for a whuppin'. The exact details are sketchy, but it probably started over some fuss with the kidnapping of a crown princess and the subsequent murder of her kidnapper, a duke's son; that's how royal families got twisted in the old days, wink wink. Anyhoo, turns out that around halfway through the whole shebang demons started popping up here and there. War is an ugly thing to begin with, especially civil war, brother against brother and whatnot, but the involvement of demons meant that things were about to take a more sinister turn. The Order's Overseers got right on top'a that. Some time later they found out that they'd been playing both sides to get the war going, using the energy from the grief and the dead to feed the ressurrection of one of their lords, who was sealed tighter than any of them could hope to break free on their own. Demon activity had been on the rise for a couple of years then, no one paid it much mind in the beginning except the Order.

I was one of the Overseers back then, so I found my own trail to pick up. That trail led me to the doorstep of some demon broad named Karlika. (Damn fine lookin' broad too.) She appealed to me because she was being chased by the Duke's men, which didn't make sense since I had her pegged as being the Duke's demonic liaison to begin with. I chased the duke's men off and got her somewhere else to listen to her side of the story.

It's amazing what a little perspective can do to your morals. Turns out that whatever Demon Lord they were trying to free to begin with was the lesser evil of the bunch. According to her story, the hierarchy of her home plane works on a survival of the fittest basis, with the biggest and baddest at the top. Turns out there was an up and coming new asshole on the rise, and that guy was planning for a bona fide full-scale invasion of the Prime Material. The whole thing with the demons popping up? Scouting and reconaissance. She gave me proof, showed me what kind of world our fair lands would become, with humanoids as slaves being the best case scenario.

There was no way any army sent their way would get them to back off. To begin with, it's easier for the demons to come our way than for us to go theirs. And their numbers were staggeringly larger. The life of that demon lord was the only thing keeping the invasion from going full-bore because it was tied to the barrier that separated the planes. Bound as he was, he could only repel relatively lesser enemies, but the big threat would eventually grow strong enough to do him in.

I reported all this to the Order. Brought Karlika under my wing, kept her safe from persecution. (You can draw your own conclusions about what we did besides.) The bigwigs decided that the logical thing to do was upscale the war so the Demon Lord could be ressurrected faster.

That's right, you heard me. In order to keep the whole world safe we sacrificed an entire country's future. Prolonged war and destabilization meant its enemies would march right in from all borders - when all was said and done the victor's party would be short-lived.

It all went to Hell in a handbasket from there. The Order's role in fueling the fires of war was eventually discovered. We were hunted down, one by one. I was the leader of the ones who lived long enough to form a resistance, however briefly. We eventually took our damn last stand. I got my soul banished to the outer planes for my troubles, fated to wander until I found my way back home.

Karlika escaped with our unborn son. Had to ditch him at a church to ensure he survived, or so I'm told from what I could figure out later on. He lived an ordinary life, and so did his descendants up until Yan.

Now Yan... that poor guy. Seems it's the fate of my progeny to get left behind. I don't know how far down the line he's supposed to be my grandson, all I know is that the first time he opened his eyes... I was staring out the world for the first time in centuries. I could hear and see and experience everything he did. Couldn't do anything but that - my soul lives within his body. I don't know what his mother or father were like, I wasn't with him until he left the womb. He was abandoned at some sort of monastery to be taken care of by an old man.

Turns out that old man is some kinda martial artist. When he first gave my boy a name, he said something about the stars telling him of a foretold destiny, a weight his soul carried from generations past. A destiny tangled with the lives of demons and foul creatures, which he would raise the boy to overcome. So because of that, he named the boy Yan Ba-zhe, "The Conqueror of Hell". Yan grew up being taught myriad ways to destroy a man's body and soul in fashions that made me cringe, when I thought back then that it was bad enough to cut a man down. I can't talk to him and he doesn't know I'm here - or at least he never tried to talk to me.

Anyway, he's a big boy now. Can take care of himself. He just doesn't have a purpose. He has what he believes in, what gives him strength, but nothing to set that strength to.

And I'm stuck here talking to some astral apparition.

Yan's best described as a mess. Maybe it's all the chaos in his blood, but for the most part he seems to keep what he's really thinking to himself. He's a goofball, a stoic man, a right bastard and a good samaritan all rolled up into one. The only constant is that when he gets into a fight he gets almost sickeningly serious. One of his favorite pasttimes is crushing those who abuse weaker people, though he's also eager to tell those very same people to try and live their lives without depending on the goodwill of others.

I'll get to it when I get to it.
Again, get to it soonish!


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Re: Heroes Reborn: Character Profiles
« Reply #17 on: January 18, 2013, 06:39:40 AM »

Eleazar the Collector

Team Monstar's Arcane Hood (Wizard casting, gish, scouting, locks & traps)
Build Notes
Eleazar is quite the combatant.  He can handle himself in matters arcane and melee, and makes for a skilled scout, trapfinder, and disarmer as well.

OOC: I purposely restrained myself when it came to typical numbers, like AC, damage, and initiative.  In my base form, fully buffed, I was able to reliably one-shot Balors if I went first, and with a Hummingbird Familiar and nerveskitter, I would've had the initiative edge.  (Surviving Death Throes was another matter.)

I could've gone for something far more powerful, like a Synad Conjurer1/X/Beholder MageX || Druid5/Planar Shepherd of Dal Quor3, using polymorph any object to make the Gauth (Beholder) duration permanent.

Eleazar's Dashboard (Currently in Bladerager Troll Form)
NG Large Giant
Travel Devotion: 4/4 Usable Today
Rounds of Contingent Freedom of Movement: 5/5 Usable Today

HP: 126/126   Initiative: +11 [+5 Nerveskitter]   Speed: 40' Walk, 60' Fly (Good Maneuverability)

AC: 34   Flat-Foot: 31   Touch: 19   Ghost: 23

Fortitude: +20   Reflex: +20   Will: +16

BAB: +6   Grapple: +18   Reach: 10' (natural weapons), 20' (ranseur)   AoO: 3/3 Usable This Round

PP: 1/1   Psionically Focused? Yes.

Resists & Immunities

Immunities (Dragonborn Template - BASE FORM Only!)
-Frightful Presence of Dragons

Immunities (Spells)
-Disobedience: [Charm] and [Compulsion] effects
-Shield: Magic Missile

Active Buffs and Effects
Where applicable, I've used Reserves of Strength (+3 CL) and Elder Giant Magic (+3 more CL).  I also have +1 CL to Transmutation spells & effects from a Masterwork Holy Symbol.  Finally, spells cast from my arcane domain (Transmutation) are at +1 CL.

Due to Incantatrix3, I can persist 3 + INT modifier spells per day (currently 11).

Contingent Effects
-Freedom of Movement (CL5 for up to 5 rounds per day): Applies to metaphysical effects only and NOT just normal grapples!

Spells (Not Persited)
-Disobedience (CL14 for 14 hours): Immunity to mind control effects (including [Charm] and [Compulsion] effects).  Anyone attempting such a thing on me must pass a Will save (DC 13 + my INT mod) or falsely believe the effect worked.

Spells (9/11 Persited)
-Conviction (CL14): +4 Morale Saves at present (+1 more at CL18).  I researched this Cleric1 spell with SirPercival's permission.

-Fly (CL15): Gain 60' fly speed (good maneuverability).  Doesn't interfere with Battle Jump as per SirPercival's ruling.

-Girallon's Blessing (CL15): +2 arms.  These arms are useful for 4-handing weapons (like my ranseur) or giving me more claw and rend attacks (when used as natural weapons).

-Greater Mirror Image (CL14): If I have at least 1 image remaining, I regenerate 1 image per turn, max 8 (or 9 if Reserves of Strength increases that cap).  Between fights, time permitting, I have my image cap.

-Heroics (CL15): I normally use this to gain Power Attack.

-Lesser Vigor (CL7): +1 HP per round due to fast healing.

-Polymorph (CL13): At present, expect me to be in Bladerager Troll form.  (I expend my psionic focus to take 15 on the Concentration check for +1 CL when activating polymorph.)

-Shield (CL14): +4 Shield AC and magic missile immunity.

-Wraithstrike (CL15): I may resolve all melee attacks as melee touch attacks.

Invocations (Continuous)
-Arcane Knowledge (CL8): Continuous +6 Spellcraft and Knowledge (everything).  Can make Knowledge checks untrained.
-See the Unseen (CL8): Continuous see invisibility and 60' darkvision

XP: 36,000/45,000

Eleazar is very likely to be the best-dressed troll you've ever seen.  And that's saying a lot, considering trolls don't normally even wear dresses!

Eleazar typically goes around with much regard for his appearance, but more regard for his survival.  He wears a silver cone hat, an orange scarf, silver chain armor, silver gauntlets, and more silver down the rest of him.  Over that, he wears ornate-looking priestly vestments or Wizard's robes.  (They're purple with white highlights, by the way.)  He carries a blue pack on his back.

And about the survival thing?  Yeah, he's normally surrounded by a force field, his two extra arms, and at least 8 images of himself who are at least as buffed as himself.

Conditions & Temporary Effects
My buffs cover the relevant bits.

Build Summary
NG Old Dragonborn (Wings Aspect) LA0 Drow Wizard5 (Martial Wizard, Transmutation Domain, Elf Generalist)/Incantatrix3 ||
Feat Rogue2/Urban WhirlPounce Barbarian1/Cloistered Cleric1/Psychic Warrior1/
Indigo Trickster2/Unarmed Swordsage1

Stats - Bladerager Troll Form
28 STR [+9] (28 base)
16 DEX [+3] (16 base)
28 CON [+1] (28 base)
26 INT [+8] (18 base + 2 race + 2 age + 4 item + 2 levels)
16 WIS [+3] (14 base + 2 age)
12 CHA [+1] (10 base + 2 age)

Stats - Base Form (Array of 10/12/14/16/16/18)
13 STR [+1] (16 base - 3 age)
11 DEX [+1] (16 base - 2 template - 3 age)
11 CON [+1] (12 base + 2 template - 3 age)
26 INT [+8] (18 base + 2 race + 2 age + 4 item + 2 levels)
16 WIS [+3] (14 base + 2 age)
12 CHA [+1] (10 base + 2 age)

Base HP @8
126 Max HP (<holds up a sign: "Will have sex for hit points!">)

Because of gestalt...

Rogue2:              28 (2d6 maximized  + 16 INT)
Barbarian1:          20 (1d12 maximized +  8 INT)
Cloistered Cleric1:  14 (1d6 maximized  +  8 INT)
PsyWar1:             16 (1d8 maximized  +  8 INT)
Indigo Trickster2:   32 (2d8 maximized  + 16 INT)
Swordsage1:          16 (1d8 maximized  +  8 INT)

Saves @8 (Bladerager Form)
Fort: 20  = 7 base + 9 CON + 4 Conviction
Ref:  20  = 8 base + 8 INT + 4 Conviction [+1 Haste] [Evasion], [Contingent freedom of movement 5 rounds/day vs. metaphysical effects only]
Will: 16  = 7 base + 3 WIS + 4 Conviction + 2 Iron Will) [No auto-fail on a natural 1]

Saves @8 (Base Form)
Fort: 12  = 7 base + 1 CON + 4 Conviction
Ref:  20  = 8 base + 8 INT + 4 Conviction [+1 Haste] [Evasion], [Contingent freedom of movement 5 rounds/day vs. metaphysical effects only]
Will: 16  = 7 base + 3 WIS + 4 Conviction + 2 Iron Will) [No auto-fail on a natural 1]

F1 R1 W7

F7 R8 W4

Initiative @8
9 [+2 Bladerager Troll Form] [+5 Nerveskitter] = 1 DEX + 4 Improved Initiative + 1 Quick to Act (Indigo Trickster) + 1 Quick to Act (Swordsage) + 2 Aggressive

AC @8 (Bladerager Troll Form)
34 [+1 Haste] [-2 Charge] = 10 + 4 (Chain Shirt) + 1 (Chahar-aina) + 1 (Dastana) + 3 (DEX) + 8 (INT) +5 (Natural) -1 (Size) + 4 (Shield) - 1 (Aggressive)

Flat: 27 [+4 Shield] [-2 Charge]     Touch: 19 [+1 Haste] [-2 Charge]     Ghost: 19 [+4 Shield [+1 Haste] [-2 Charge]

AC @8 (Base Form)
28 [+1 Haste] [-2 Charge] = 10 + 4 (Chain Shirt) + 1 (Chahar-aina) + 1 (Dastana) + 1 (DEX) + 8 (INT) (+4 Shield) - 1 (Aggressive)

Flat: 23 [+4 Shield] [-2 Charge]     Touch: 18 [+1 Haste] [-2 Charge]     Ghost: 18 [+4 Shield] [+1 Haste] [-2 Charge]

Weapons, Accuracy, and Damage
Base Accuracy & Damage @8
Knowledge Devotion gives a minimum of +3 more accuracy and damage per attack (as an insight bonus).  I also have Collector of Stories!

26-30      +3
31-35      +4
36+        +5

Bladerage +17 (unarmed strike)/+12 (unarmed strike)/+12 (claw)/+12 (claw)/+12 (bite)/[+12 girallon claw]/[+12 girallon claw]
Troll:    = 9 STR + 6 BAB + 2 Greater Weapon Focus [+1 Haste] [+2 Charge]
          [touch attack if wraithstrike's on]
          d8+11 damage (2 unarmed strikes)
          2d6+11 damage (2 bladerager claws), 4d6+15 damage (Bladerager Troll Rend - if both bladerager claws hit)
          2d6+6 damage (bite)
          [d6+11 damage (2 girallon claws), 2d6+15 damage (Girallon Rend - if both girallon claws hit)]
          +6 damage per hit (Power Attack)
          x2 for Battle Jump (per attack), 20x2 (for each weapon)
          Made of Flesh and Bone

Bladerage +16/+11 Bladerager = 9 STR + 6 BAB + 1 Masterwork [+1 Haste] [+2 Charge]
MW        [touch attack if wraithstrike's on]
Ranseur   2d6+13 damage, [2d6+22 if 4 handing]
          +12 damage per hit (Power Attack) OR +18 damage per hit (4-handing Power Attack)
          x2 for Battle Jump, x2 for mounted charge, 20x3
          Made of Wood

Thunder-  +14/+9 = 8 INT + 6 BAB [+1 Haste] [+2 Charge]
Lance:    [touch attack if wraithstrike's on]
          3d6+12 damage (3d6+20 if 4 handing)
          +12 damage per hit (Power Attack) OR +18 damage per hit (4-handing Power Attack)
          x2 for Battle Jump, x2 for Dragonborn Dive Charge, 20x3
          Telescoping (0 to 20' as a free action, even when it isn't my turn)
          Made of Force and Magic

MW Armor  +10/+5 [+16/+11 Bladerager] = 3 STR [+6 more from Bladrager] + 6 BAB + 1 Masterwork [+1 Haste] [+2 Charge] 
Spikes:   [touch attack if wraithstrike's on]
          d6+1 damage [+3 damage from Bladerager]
          +6 damage per hit (Power Attack)
          x2 for Battle Jump, x2 for Dragonborn Dive Charge, 20x2
          Made of Steel

MW        +10/+5 = 3 STR + 6 BAB + 1 Masterwork [+1 Haste] [+2 Charge]
Ranseur:  [touch attack if wraithstrike's on]
          d8+3 damage, [d8+5 if 4 handing]
          +12 damage per hit (Power Attack) OR +18 damage per hit (4-handing Power Attack)
          x2 for Battle Jump, x2 for Dragonborn Dive Charge, x2 for mounted charge, 20x3
          Made of Wood

Wizard Spells & Preps
Wizard Spells Known & Prepared @Wizard8 - ||Domain Spell: +1 CL||
Spell Level 4 - 5+||1|| Preps
-Dimension Door x1
-Evard's Black Tentacles x1
-Greater Mirror Image [IMM] x1
-Heart of Earth x1
-||Polymorph|| x1
-Solid Fog x1

Spell Level 3 - 5+||1|| Preps
-Dimension Step x1
-Disobedience x1
-Dispel Magic
-Fly x1
-Girallon's Blessing x1
-||Haste|| x1
-Stinking Cloud x1

Spell Level 2 - 5+||1|| Preps
-Glitterdust x1
-Heroics x1
-||Levitate|| x1
-Resist Energy
-Rope Trick x1
-Web x1
-Wraithstrike x1

Spell Level 1 - 6+||1|| Preps
-Benign Transposition
-Charm Person
-Conviction (Cleric1 - Researched) x1
-Ebon Eyes
-Enlarge Person
-||Expeditious Retreat|| x1
-Grease x1
-Guided Shot [Swift]
-Karmic Aura [Swift] x1
-Mage Armor
-Nerveskitter [IMM] x1
-Shield x1
-Silent Image x1

Spell Level 0 - 4+||1|| Preps
-Detect Magic
-Ghost Sound x2
-||Mage Hand|| x1
-Open/Close x1
-Prestidigitation x1
-Read Magic
-Sonic Snap

Cleric Spells & Preps
Cleric Spells Prepared @Cleric1 (Spontaneous Curer) - ||Domain Spell||
Spell Level 1 - 2+||1|| Preps
-Comprehend Languages x1
-||Deathwatch|| x1
-Lesser Vigor x1

Spell Level 0 - 3 Preps
-Create Water x2
-Detect Magic x1

Psychic Warrior Powers
Psychic Warrior Powers (Manifester Level X)
1 Known, 1/1 PP Remaining

Maneuvers & Stances
Swordsage Maneuvers Known & Readied (Initiator Level 4)
6 Known, 4 Readied
-Distracting Ember [Swift]
-Heat of Sunrise [Swift]
-Leech Life [Standard] Ready
-Moment of Perfect Mind [IMM] Ready
-Mountain Hammer Ready
-Shadow Jaunt Ready

Stances Known & Readied (Initiator Level 4)
1 Known, 1 Active
-Island of Blades Stance Active

Skill Totals @8
Skill totals assume my base form.  The + and - are due to Bladerager stats.

-Autohypnosis           8    = 1 rank   + 3 WIS  + 2 MW + 2 Synergy
-Bluff                  3    =            1 CHA  + 2 MW
-Craft                  8    =            8 INT          [+5 Magecraft]
-Concentration         14[+8]= 11 ranks + 1 CON  + 2 MW
-Diplomacy              3    =            1 CHA  + 2 MW
-Disable Device        24    = 11 ranks + 8 INT  + 2 MW + 3 competence
-Handle Animal          1    =            1 CHA
-Intimidate             1    =            1 CHA
-Jump                  13[-2]=            1 STR         + 2 Synergy + 10 template
-Knowledge: Arcana     25    = 9 ranks  + 8 INT  + 2 MW + 6 invocation
-Knowledge: Dungeon    25    = 9 ranks  + 8 INT  + 2 MW + 6 invocation
-Knowledge: History    15    = 1 rank   + 8 INT         + 6 invocation
-Knowledge: Nature     25    = 9 ranks  + 8 INT  + 2 MW + 6 invocation
-Knowledge: Planes     25    = 9 ranks  + 8 INT  + 2 MW + 6 invocation
-Knowledge: Psionics   15    = 1 rank   + 8 INT  + 2 MW + 6 invocation
-Knowledge: Religion   25    = 9 ranks  + 8 INT  + 2 MW + 6 invocation
-Open Lock              7[+2]= 4 ranks  + 1 DEX  + 2 MW
-Listen                11    = 5 ranks  + 3 WIS  + 2 MW + 1 circumstance
-Ride                   1[+2]=            1 DEX
-Search                24    = 11 ranks + 8 INT  + 2 MW + 3 competence
-Sense Motive           5    =            3 WIS  + 2 MW
-Spellcraft            39    = 11 ranks + 8 INT  + 2 MW + 2 Synergy + 6 familiar + 6 invocation
-Spot                  10    = 5 ranks  + 3 WIS  + 2 MW
-Tumble                 8[+2]= 5 ranks  + 1 DEX  + 2 MW

Skill Tricks @8
-Collector of Stories

Languages Known @8

None at present!

The Build!
Descendant Side!
NG Old Dragonborn (Wings Aspect) LA0 Drow Wizard5 (Martial Wizard, Transmutation Domain, Elf Generalist)/Incantatrix3

Feats, [Class Features], {Flaws}, and {Traits}
1:  {Aggressive}, {Murky-Eyed}, {Shaky}
1:  [Domain: Transmutation], [Elf Generalist Wizard Substitution Level], [Familiar: Butterfly (+3 Spellcraft)], [Improved Initiative]
1:  Faerie Mysteries Initiate (INT or CON mod for HP)
1:  Insightful Reflexes
1:  Mercantile Background (sell items at 75% market value, buy 1 item per month at 25% off, get +300G starting cash)
3:  [Elf Generalist Wizard Substitution Level: Double familiar's skill/HP bonus but I can't cast spells through it], [Iron Will from Otyugh Hole], Reserves of Strength
5:  [Domain Granted Power: Travel - Auto-freedom of movement for 5 rounds per day vs. metaphysical effects]
6:  Elder Giant Magic, [Oppose Enchantment], [Persistent Spell]
7:  [Cooperative Metamagic!]

9:  Mindbender?  Incantatrix?: Carmendine Monk OR Extra Granted Maneuver OR Mindsight OR -=FEAT=-

-=FEAT=- Pool
-Elder Giant Magic
-Item Familiar
-Reserves of Strength

Ancestor Side!
NG Old Dragonborn (Wings Aspect) LA0 Drow Feat Rogue2/Urban WhirlPounce Barbarian1/Cloistered Cleric1/Psychic Warrior1/Indigo Trickster2/Unarmed Swordsage1

Feats, [Class Features], {Flaws}, and {Traits}
1:  {Aggressive}, {Murky-Eyed}, {Shaky}
1:  [Battle Jump], [Trapfinding]
2:  [Evasion]
3:  [Pounce], [Whirling Frenzy 1/day]
4:  [Devotion: Knowledge, Travel (2/day + 1 per 2 turning attempts)], [Domain: Planning (Extend Spell)]
5:  [Combat Reflexes]
6:  [Arcane Surge], [Quick to Act I]
7:  [INT bonus to AC in Light Armor]
8:  [Improved Unarmed Strike], [Trapfinding], [Weapon Focus/Weapon Specialization/Greater Weapon Focus: Tiger Claw (mostly Unarmed Strikes and Natural Weapons)]

9:  Warblade1?  Swordsage+1?

Story & Goals
You see a flag waving in the breeze.  Upon closer inspection, it bears this writing:

"To be continued!  Duh duh duh!"

You see that flag again.

Gear from Ear to Ear
X.X/400 lb (28 STR)
142.55G On Person

Weapons & Armor                         50.35 lb/3,085.03   
Light Crossbow & Ammo                    6.6 lb/612.41
   -Light Crossbow                         4 lb/11.66
   -20 Bolts                               2 lb/0.66
   -3 Adamantine Bolts                   0.3 lb/60.09
   -3 Manifester Bolts                   0.3 lb/540

MW Ranseur                                12 lb/103.33

Cold Iron Gauntlet x2                      2 lb/1.32

Cold Iron Dagger                           1 lb/1.32

Mithril Dastana                          2.5 lb/341.66

Mithril Chahar-aina                        5 lb/358.33

Githcraft Feycraft Mithril Chain Shirt 11.25 lb/1650

MW Armor Spikes                           10 lb/16.66

Robes, Shirts, and Cloaks                          0.00     
Comfy Silk Robes (Monk's Outfit)                     

Rings                                             16.66     
Mood Ring                                      /16.66
   -MW Concentration                           /16.66

Amulets, Neckalces, Brooches, Etc.                83.56     
Magician's Scarf                               /83.3
   -MW Autohypnosis                            /16.66
   -MW Bluff                                   /16.66
   -MW Diplomacy                               /16.66
   -MW Sense Motive                            /16.66
   -MW Spellcraft                              /16.66

Whistle                                        /0.26
   -Signal Whistle                             /0.26

Belts, Boots, and Gloves                         1116.64     
Anklet of Translocation                        /1050
   -2/2 daily charges                          /1050

   As a swift action, teleport up to 10' within
   line of sight and line of effect.

Riding Boots of Acrobatics                     /33.32
   -MW Ride                                    /16.66
   -MW Tumble                                  /16.66

Gloves of Disarming                            /33.32
   -MW Disable Device                          /16.66
   -MW Open Lock                               /16.66

Headgear & Facegear                          1 lb/12,053.31
Magician's Hat                             1 lb/12,053.31
   +4 INT                                      /12,000
   -MW Listen                                  /16.66
   -MW Spot                                    /16.66
   -MW Search                                  /16.66
   -Thieving Helmet (+1 Listen)            1 lb/3.33

   This is a silky white-trimmed gold cone hat with
   a monocle attached.

Consumables                                       3093.75   
Wand of Lesser Vigor                           /562.5
   -50/50 Charges

Wand of Mage Hand                              /281.25
   -50/50 Charges

Wand of Nerveskitter                           /562.5
   -50/50 Charges

Wand of Open/Close                             /281.25
   -50/50 Charges

Wand of Resist Energy                          /562.5
   -50/50 Charges

Wand of Silent Image                           /281.25
   -50/50 Charges
   -Priced as a cantrip due to Gnome Illusionist1 ACF

Wand of Unseen Servant                         /562.5
   -50/50 Charges

Unslotted & Misc.                               5493.75     
Dragonborn Ritual                              /75
   -Wings Aspect                               /75

White Greater Lightstone                       /168.75
   -Dull Gray Ioun Stone                       /18.75
   -Continual flame (white light)              /150
    CL5, heightened to L3

   This lightstone orbits Eleazar's head and
   emits bright light to 20' and dim light
   to 40'.  This dispels L2 darkness
   and cancels out L3's deeper darkness.

Spell Research: Conviction                     /750

Otyugh Hole                                    /2250

Backpack                                     5 lb/1529.25   
Heward's Handy Haversack                    5 lb/1500

Rod of Lesser Extend Spell                     /2250
   -3/3 Uses Available Today

Chalk Piece x5                                     

50' of Pink String                       0.5 lb

50' of White String                      0.5 lb

Small Steel Mirror                       0.5 lb/3.33

Compass x2                               1 lb/6.66

MW Artisan Tools                         5 lb/18.33
   -MW Craft                                   /18.33

Deck of Cards                                /0.3

Full Set of Dice                             /0.3

Flint & Steel                                /0.33

Desired Gear
More INT: It powers what I do.
More Basic Stats (Ability Scores, Accuracy, Damage, Saves, Skills, HP): Simple, practical, boring, effective.
Belt of Battle (Magic Item Compendium 73): More turns?  Yes please!
Caster Level Boosters: I like more duration and more difficulty dispelling my buffs.
Pearls of Power: More castings are nice.
Scrolls & Consumables: More useful Wizard spells = better.  (I'll accept scrolls of spells I can't use yet!)  Also covers any scroll or consumable I can use to a lesser degree.
Boccob's Blessed Book: Only matters if I have spells to add to such book.
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Re: Heroes Reborn: Character Profiles
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Natsumi-hime/ Tsukiyo

Chaotic Good Human Lesser Deity
Ancestor: God 8, Portfolio of Funeral Rites, Entertainment, and the Moon. Her portfolio also includes exactly one mountain.
Descendant: Eternal Royal 8, Border of Life and Lunatic Princess schools.

Team Monster
Party Role: Melee, hard to hit glass cannon, shows of force, reanimating particularly troublesome foes to make the battle just that little bit easier.


Distinguished, aloof, quiet... just wait until she opens her mouth. Quiet? All gone.

Ability Scores
Strength: 10 (Base)
Dexterity: 20 (16 Base + 2 Racial + 2 Magic)
Constitution: 16 (16 Base)
Intelligence: 14 (14 Base)
Wisdom: 12 (12 Base)
Charisma: 26 (18 Base + 2 Levelling + 2 Racial + 4 Magic Item)

Combat Stats
Hitpoints: 72 (8d6 + 3x8 Constitution)
Saves: Fortitude: +22 (2 Base + 3 Con + 8 Cha + 8 Divine + 1 Magic) Reflex: +28 (6 Base + 5 Dex + 8 Cha + 8 Divine +1 Magic), Will: +24 (6 Base + 1 Wis + 8 Cha + 8 Divine + 1 Magic)
AC: 33 (10 Base + 5 Dex + 8 Cha Armour Bonus + 8 Natural Armor + 2 Dodge) OR 36 (Same, +3 Shield Bonus)
Initiative: +5 (Dex)
Speed: 40'
Senses: Nada
BAB: +6
Attacks: War Fan: Attack: +24 (BAB + Cha Mod + 2 Enhancement Bonus + Divine Smite) Damage: 1d8 + 10 + ? (Base + Cha Mod + Weapon Focus + 2 Enhancement Bonus' Worth of Stuff), Chaotic and Good-Aligned
Full Attacks: +24/+19/+24/+19, 4d8 + 40 + ?
Special Attacks: Divine Buster Blast. 8d12 Ranged Touch Attack, 8 Mile Range.
Unusual Defences: SR 19, Fast Healing 4

Bluff: 19 (11 Base + 8 Cha)
Craft (Alchemy): 19 (11 Base + 8 Cha)
Craft (?): 19 (11 Base + 8 Cha)
Diplomacy: 21 (11 Base + 8 Cha + 2 Synergy)
Gather Information 20 (11 Base + 9 Cha)
Intimidate: 21 (11 Base + 8 Cha + 2 Synergy)
Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty): 19 (11 Base + 8 Cha)
Knowledge (Religion): 19 (11 Base + 8 Cha)
Perform (Dance): 37 (11 Base + 8 Cha + 3 From Fans + 7 Competence Bonus + 8 Divine)
Profession (Priestess): 19 (11 Base + 8 Cha)
Profession (Gambler): 19 (11 Base + 9 Cha)
Use Magic Device: 19 (11 Base + 8 Cha)

Feats & Flaws
1st: Two-Weapon Fighting,
1st (Human Bonus): Dodge.
1st (Flaw): Adaptive Style
1st (Flaw): Sleep Under the Flowers, Red-White Butterfly (Border of Life feat)
3rd: I'll Take Your Pitiful Spring, Black Witch (Border of Life feat)
6th: I Will Undo the Seal, Dog of the Devil (Border of Life feat)

Flaws: Large Ham, Inattentive

Spent: 26,600/27,000

1x Cloak of Charisma +4--16,000GP (Used for Robe of Fire Rat)
1x Ring of Perform (Dance), +7 Competence Bonus--4,900GP
1x Gloves of Dexterity +2--4,000GP
2x War Fans--700 GP
1x Amulet of Resistance +1--1,000GP (Used for Dragon's Necklace)

Eternal Royal Maneuvers
1st Level:
Deadly Dance: Stance--Bonuses to attack and damage based on a perform check. BoL
Five Coloured Shots: Strike--Attack of Every Element, all against different targets. LP
Ghastly Dream of Death: Strike--Cold and Negative Damage. BoL
Impossible Request--Dragon's Necklace: Strike-- Dragon Breath! Also a resistance boost. LP

2nd Level:
Indomitable Will: Counter--Will Boost, allowed a save against some effects regardless of what it says. LP
Law of Mortality--Dead Butterfly: Strike--Swarm of Ghostly Butterflies. BoL
Subtle Melody Repository--False Soul:Boost--A nearby corpse is now a temporary zombie. BoL

3rd Level:
Divine Treasure--Brilliant Dragon Bullet: Strike--Breath Attack. Also temporary immunity. LP
Impossible Request--Robe of Fire Rat: Boost--Protection in the Form of Fire. Boost to Charisma checks. LP
Law of Mortality--Poison Moth: Strike--Summons an Undead, Poisonous Moth. BoL
Lost Soul's Village--Trackless Path: Strike--Enemies are flatfooted or don't even realise you're there. BoL

4th Level:
Law of Mortality--Demon World: Boost--Teleportation to a demonic realm. Nullifies all immunities and resistances for a round. BoL
Lost Soul's Village--Suicide: Strike--Will Save or attack yourself. BoL

God Maneuvers
1st Level:
Abundance Sign--Divine Harvester: Stance--Gather Faith for boosts to rolls. Kind of shoddy without worshippers around.
God Sign--Beautiful Holy Spring:Boost--Slow other people down. Even fliers.
Promise of the God:Strike--Divine Lasers! Also healing of some description.

2nd Level:
Bad Luck--Scar:Counter--1d6 Ability Damage after attacking the god.
Biorhythm of the Apotropaic God:Boost--Random Boost.

3rd Level:
Crossroads of Heaven:Strike--More lasers. These ones are sort of dumped oddly on the ground.
Fate--Old Immortal Fire:Stance--Get attacked? Deal damage in return.

4th Level:
God Hidden Among Tree Leaves:Strike--Make an attack. Gain invisibility for a while.
Peerless God--Illusionary Dominance:Strike--Full attack, ignore miss chances, gain your own.

Class Abilities
Eternal Royal
Maneuvers: A Eternal Royal learns maneuver from the Border of Life school and one other martial school of her choice. If the second school demands any special prerequisite (like Ancient Temple needing a feat) the Eternal Royal must fulfill it as well. Her Iniator level is equal to her Eternal Royal level, and she can only learn maneuvers of a level no bigger than half (IL+1).

Eternal Royals fight at their whims, so they recover their maneuvers randomly. At the start of each round roll a 1d6. On a 1-3 you don't recover any maneuvers, on a 4-5 you recover one expended maneuver, and on a 6 you recover two expended maneuvers.

At 4th level, and every even-numbered level afterwards, the Eternal Royal can swap one of her older maneuvers with a new one she qualifies for from one of her two schools (the new one doesn't need to be of the same level of the older one).

Royal Touch: Even if apparently unarmed, an Eternal Royal is far from defenceless. A simple slap from her hands can hurt even the most heavily armored warrior. In some cases this is from mysterious channelled energies, other times it's simply the implied offense of someone so beatiful wishing us harm. Either way, it's a  melee touch attack that deals 1d6+Cha mod damage. Do not apply power attack or Str mod. If the Eternal Royal has enough bab, she can perform iterative attacks with it.

This also allows the Eternal Royal to use domestic tools and jewellery (from collars to frying pans) as weapons.

In the hands of the Eternal Royal, the domestic tool acts as a light hammer with an enhancement bonus equal to 1/4 Eternal Royal level. The Eternal Royal is proficient in this weapon, and feats and abilities that affect light hammers (such as Weapon Focus) apply to this weapon.Activating this ability is a free action. A royal weapon only retains its abilities in the hands of the Eternal Royal.  At 8th level, the Eternal Royal can choose to reduce its enhancement bonus by 1 (minimum +1 enhancement bonus) to treat it as a reach weapon or to give it any of the following weapon properties: defending, frost, icy burst, keen, ki focus, shock, shocking burst, speed. Adding any of these properties consumes an amount of enhancement bonus equal to the property’s cost, and the royal weapon must be left with at least 1 enhancement bonus remaining.

In addition, a Eternal Royal can wield any bracelet, piece of cloth, flower or similar as if it were a light wooden shield. In the hands of the Eternal Royal, the royal grants a +1 shield bonus with an enhancement bonus equal to 1/4 the Eternal Royal level. The Eternal Royal is considered proficient in this shield. A Eternal Royal can use a royal weapon in one hand and a royal shield in the other hand.Activating this ability is a free action. A royal shield only retains its abilities in the hands of the royal master.  At 8th level, the Eternal Royal can choose to reduce its enhancement bonus (to a minimum of a +1 enhancement bonus) to give it any of the following shield properties: ghost touch, light fortification, moderate fortification. Adding any of these properties consumes an amount of bonus equal to the property’s cost.

Forever Young: An Eternal Royal doesn't age, and always looks at the prime of her youth or even as a child. She doesn't take penalties neither benefits for aging. You never take any kind of permanent scarring, with even the most grievous wounds naturally healing in 1 week tops.

Royal Elegance: The eternal royal is a natural when influencing the hearts of others, even if she herself doesn't notice it. At 1st level pick one of the following skills, you gain the associated benefit.

Royal Elegance
Bluff: You don't take penalties for feinting nonhumanoids. You can also Deliver Secret Messages indirectly by written letters or leaving subtle cues in your environment.

Diplomacy:You no longer take a penalty for rushed checks.

Disguise: You can use it as a fullround action whitout penalties, altough if you do it directly in front of someone, they'll still know your true identity.

Gather Information: You can use it as a fullround action as long as you're in a place with at least ten people. A few words from you and they'll gladly spill out plenty of good information to try to get your attention! Selected

Handle Animal: You can teach tricks as a fullround action. Animals just love you!

Intimidate:You do never take a penalty for being smaller than your target in Intimidate attempts (whether making or resisting them), plus you can use your Cha mod instead of your Wis mod for resisting Intimidate attempts from your opponents. Selected

Perform: Double the money earned, and you never take penalties for failed attempts.

At 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th level you may pick another.

AC Bonus: at 2nd level the Eternal Royal adds her Cha modifier to her AC while wearing light or no armor. Any effect that would make her lose her Dex bonus to AC makes her lose this bonus as well.

Eternal Skill: Since you don't actually have to train to develop your abilities, you have plenty of time for some hobbies! At 3rd level pick one profession, knowledge and craft skill-you always count as having max ranks in the chosen skills, plus you can use your Cha instead of other ability scores on checks with them. At levels 7, 10, 13, 16 and 19 you can pick another trio of skills for this.

Royal Grace: At 4th level, you add your Cha mod to all your saves.

A Lady, Not a Warrior: At 6th level, you can use your Cha mod instead of Str or Dex for attack and damage rolls with melee and ranged weapons.

Fleeting Dream: You always look and act good, but sometimes you're even better than that. At 8th level 1/day as a move action you can increase your Cha score by 4 for 1 minute, but at the end of the duration you become fatigued. Flowers, butterflies  fans and other such things seem to flourish around you while it lasts, although they're never really there when you look closer. You can use this ability one more time per day at 11th, 14th, 17th and 20th level.

Demigod: The weakest tier of gods, usually just overseeing a small village or forest, but still a step above simple mortals. In order to take the first steps in godhood, the character must have at least 500 dedicated worshippers.

God Body:The god retains all of her previous racial traits and stops ageing, becoming immortal if she wasn't already. She does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe.  A god is immune to polymorphing, petrification, or any other attack that alters its form. Any shape-altering powers the deity might have work normally on herself. Those are all extraordinary abilities. No abilities of the Demigod, Lesser/Intermediate/Greater Deity may be replicated by other class abilities/spells/powers/abilities/similar, neither can such beings be made into followers/cohorts/companions/similar. The god also becomes immune to Psychic Reformation.

In addition the god gains the alignment subtypes of her own alignment and her attacks always count as that alignment, plus a bonus to Nat armor equal to her Divine Rank (see below). If she already had Nat Armor, use the best value. If her older value was better, also increase it by 1.

Divine Rank: The god has a Divine Rank equal to her god level, which determine the power of several of her godly abilities. Divine Rank cannot be boosted by any other means, including bloodlines and similar, unless the ability specifically says it increases your Divine Rank, both words.

Portfolio: At first level the god chooses a portfolio over which she will focus, like Love or Farming or Murder. She gains an insight bonus equal to 2+1/2 HD on all Craft, Knowledge, Profession, and Perform checks directly related to her portfolio. When the god levels up (or suffers another important event, such as alignment change), she may change her portfolio and all related abilities. In addition her portfolio grants her the following abilities, which are Extraordinary unless noticed otherwise.

Portfolio Abilities
Portfolio Sense- A demigod automatically senses any event in the present related to her portfolio that involves one thousand or more people. The demigod only knows that the event is occurring and where it is, receiving no sensory information about it.

Remote Sensing-As a standard action 1/day per HD, the god can perceive everything within a radius of 5 feet per Divine Rank around one of her worshipers, Godly Realm, or well-kept building/object specifically built from another in the name of the god. This can also be centered on any place where someone spoke the god's name or title for up to 1 hour after the name is spoken, and at any location when an event related to the deity's portfolio occurs (see portfolio sense). The remote sensing power can cross planes and is not fooled by misdirection/nondetection and similar spells, and it does not create a magical sensor that other creatures can detect. Once the deity chooses a remote location to sense, she automatically receives sensory information from that location until she chooses a new location to sense, or until she can't sense the location. She can extend her senses  up to a location per Divine Rank at once and still sense what's going on nearby. If the god has 20 or more HD, she may use this ability at will and affecting a radius of one mile per Divine Rank.

Block Sensing-As a standard action 1/day per HD, the god can block the sensing ability of other deities of her rank or lower. This power extends for 5 feet per Divine Rank centered on one of her worshippers or building/object built on her name in good conditions, or the same distance around a portfolio-related event. The god can block a remote location per Divine Rank at once lasting 1 hour per Divine Rank, plus a permanent equal effect centered on herself that doesn't cost uses, that can be deactivated/reactivated as  a standard action. If the god has 20 or more HD, this can be used at will and the radius increases to one mile per Divine Rank.

Expertise-When performing an action within its portfolio that would usually be solved with a skill check and take more than 1 round, the deity can perform it in half the time. If the deity has 20 or more HD, she can perform those actions as a free action, as long as the check DC is equal or less than 10+1/2 HD. The god can perform up to one such free action per Divine Rank per round. (What possible check could be related to the damn MOON?)

Craft Magic Items-The god can create magic items related to its portfolio without any prerequisite item creation feat or spell known, using her Divine Rank for CL. The item's cost and creation time remain unchanged.

Divine Characteristic: The faith bestowed upon a god makes them far superior to regular mortals. At each god level pick one of the following options. None can be taken more than once and they're extraordinary abilities, unless noted otherwise.
Divine Characteristics Chosen
God Smite- Choose ranged or melee. The Demigod gains a bonus on all attack rolls of that kind equal to her Divine Rank. If she has 20 or more HD she no longer automatically fails attack rolls of that kind on a natural 1. You can pick this up to two times, choosing a different option each time. Taken twice

God Grace- The Demigod gains a bonus on a save of her choice picked when this ability is gained equal to her Divine ranks. If she has  20 or more HD she no longer automatically fails saves of that kind on a natural 1. You can pick this up to three times, each one applying to a different save. Taken thrice.

God Skin- You gain DR/epic equal to ½ HD or SR equal to 11+HD. You may raise or lower this SR at any time as a free action even if it isn't your turn. If you already had SR increase it by 4. If you have 20 or more HD, then your DR/epic becomes equal to your HD and your SR increases by 2. You may pick this characteristic twice to gain both SR and DR/epic. Taken Once--Spell Resistance

God Domain- Choose a cleric Domain related to your portfolio. You add that domain to your portfolio, and you can use the domain power a number of times per day equal to your Divine Rank (if the power could normally be used more often than that, then use the greater number of uses). You may use your Divine Rank instead of cleric level for any effects that call it. In addition you can cast a spell from the domain 1/day as a SLA, provided that spell is of a level no bigger than ½ your Divine Rank, rounded up (notice this only grants you one spell per day, regardless of how many levels you can access). You must supply any expensive material and exp components yourself. Any Save DCs becomes 10+1/2 HD+Charisma mod. You can pick this option multiple times, each one choosing a different cleric Domain. Charm Domain Picked

God Word-The god can understand, speak and read any language, including nonverbal languages. The Deity can speak directly to any being whitin one mile per Divine Rank, provided they know they general location (knowing where their home sits is enough, the city block it lives in no). In addition 1/day per HD as a standard action the god can send a communication to a remote location. She can speak to any of her own worshipers, and to anyone within one mile per divine rank away from a building/object in good conditions dedicated to the deity.. The creature being contacted can receive a telepathic message that only it can hear. Alternatively, the god’s voice can seem to issue from the air, the ground, or from some object of the god’s choosing (but not an object or locale dedicated to another deity of equal or higher divine rank than the god who is speaking). In the latter case, anyone within earshot of the sound can hear it. The deity can send a manifestation or omen instead of a spoken or telepathic message. The exact nature of this communication varies with the deity, but it usually is some visible phenomenon. A deity’s communication power can cross planes and penetrate any barrier. Once communication is initiated, the deity can continue communicating as a free action until she decides to end the communication, up to 1 hour. The god can carry on as many remote communications at the same time as she has Divine Ranks. If she has 20 or more HD, she can use this ability at will.

Grant Spells- A god automatically grants spells and domain powers to mortal divine spellcasters who pray to she. Deities can grant spells from any divine spell list. A deity can withhold spells from any particular mortal as a free action. Even spells already granted can be retaken like that.

Godly Realm- The god  has a location that serves as a workplace, personal residence, audience chamber, and sometimes as a retreat or fortress. A god is at its most powerful within her godly realm. A god has at least modest control over the environment within its realm, controlling the temperature and minor elements of the environment. The radius of this control is 10 feet per divine rank (or 100 feet per rank for a god with 20 HD or more), and once the location is chosen, you need one week of meditation of it to make it your own. The god must be in the chosen area to activate this ability, and can only have one godly realm at a time. Any previous godly realm you've altered reverts to its original characteristics when you abandon it.
Godly Realm Info
Within this area, the god can set any temperature that is normal for the plane where the realm is located (for the Material Plane, any temperature from -20ºF to 120ºF), and fill the area with scents and sounds as the god sees fit. Sounds can be no louder than one hundred humans could make, but not intelligible speech or harmful sound. The god’s ability to create scents is similar. Deities of rank 6 or higher can create the sounds of intelligible speech. A demigod or lesser god can erect buildings and alter the landscape, but must do so through its own labor, through magic, or through its divine powers. A god of rank 6 or higher not only has control over the environment, but also controls links to the Astral Plane. Manipulating a realm’s astral links renders teleportation and similar effects useless within the realm. The god can designate certain locales within the realm where astral links remain intact. Likewise, the god can block off the realm from planar portals or designate locations where portals are possible. A god of rank 11 or higher can also apply the enhanced magic or impeded magic trait to up to four groups of spells (schools, domains, or spells with the same descriptor). The enhanced magic trait enables a metamagic feat to be applied to a group of spells without requiring higher-level spell slots. Many deities apply the enhanced magic trait to their domain spells, making them maximized (as the Maximize Spell feat) within the boundaries of their realm. The impeded magic trait doesn’t affect the god’s spells and spell-like abilities.

In addition, a god of rank 11 or higher can erect buildings as desired and alter terrain within one mile (or ten miles for a god with 20 HD or more) to become any terrain type found on the Material Plane. These buildings and alterations are manifestations of the god’s control over the realm.

A greater god (rank 16 or higher) also can perform any one of the following acts:

  - Change or apply a gravity trait within the realm.
   -Change or apply an elemental or energy trait within the realm.
   -Change or apply a time trait within the realm.
   -Apply the limited magic trait to a particular school, domain, or spell descriptor within the area, preventing such spells and spell-like abilities from functioning. The greater god’s own spells and spell-like abilities are not limited by these restrictions.

Once a god sets the conditions in her realm, they are permanent, though the god can change them.

All of the above changes take a standard action to specify. The change gradually takes effect over the next 10 minutes. Changing astral links, planar traits, or terrain requires more effort, and the god must labor for a year and a day to change them. During this time, the god must spend 8 hours a day on the project. During the remaining 16 hours of each day, the god can perform any action she desires, so long as she remains within the realm. The astral links, planar traits, and terrain remain unchanged until the labor is complete.

Salient Divine Ability The god gains a Divine Salient Divine ability from the below list for each god level, plus an extra one at levels 5, 10, 15, 19, 20. Using them is a standard action unless noted otherwise, and they don't provoke attacks of opportunity, aren't subject to spell resistance and work normally inside an antimagic field, but they otherwise count as supernatural abilities. Some abilities require the god to rest afterwards. A resting god can engage in light activities such as talking or walking at half speed. When attempting anything more strenuous than that, the god can only take partial actions and suffers a -6 penalty on all attack rolls, saves, and checks. The god cannot use another ability that requires rest until its current rest requirement is fulfilled. Any time the god spends performing strenuous activities does not count toward the required rest time.  Unless otherwise noticed, any Salient Divine Ability with a duration other than instantaneous can be ended earlier as a fullround action. Also, whenever you use a salient divine ability, you may choose to leave behind your personal symbol carved on the area or subject affected. This is always just a small cosmetic change, and can be removed with some effort.
Chosen Salient Divine Abilities
Divine Blast-The god can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Charisma bonus. The ray created can extend up to one mile per rank (the god chooses the length). The target  the ray strikes takes 1d12 points of damage per rank of the god, plus 1d12 points of damage per point of Charisma bonus the god has if she has 20 HD or more. There is no saving throw, but the god must make a ranged touch attack to hit the target. The god can make the ray look, sound, smell, and feel like anything it desires as long as it is related to her portfolio. Despite the appearance of the ray, the damage it deals results directly from divine power and is therefore not subject to being reduced by protection from energy and similar magic. The ray destroys a wall of force, prismatic wall, prismatic sphere or similar on its path (all layers are destroyed). The ray itself is unaffected and can strike a target behind the effect after destroying it. Regular physical barriers take full damage of the Divine Blast, that ignores any Hardness on them, and if it deals enough damage to destroy them it keeps punching trough at full power. Only a divine shield (or sturdy enough regular physical barrier) can stop the ray. If you couldn't detect your target taking cover behind the obstacle before shooting, you suffer the usual 50% miss chance for firing blind. It fully affects incorporeal/ethereal creatures.

Divine Skill Focus- Choose a skill in which you have maxed ranks. The god receives a bonus equal to her Divine Rank on all checks with the selected skill. If the god has 20 or more HD she gains an extra +10 on checks with that skill. Perform (Dance), naturally.

Divine Blessing- Choose one ability: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma. The god must have a score of at least 20 in the selected ability. At will the deity can grant mortals a +2 untyped bonus  to that ability that lasts for one day. For each 5 points beyond 20 the deity has in that score, the bonus granted increases by 1.  In a single day and at one time, the god can affect a number of creatures equal to her divine rank. If the deity has 20 or more HD, her own chosen ability score permanently increases by 2. You can pick this ability multiple times, each one picking a diferent ability score. You can also affect yourself with this, as well as any gods of lesser divine rank that pledge their alliance to you. Charisma

Divine Inspiration- The god can enchant creatures to create a specific emotion. The god can affect one creature per divine rank at once, and up to the same number each day. All must be within the god’s line of sight when first affected. The specific effects depend on the emotional state induced. The God can dismiss the effects earlier as an immediate action.
The enchanted creatures gain a +4 morale bonus on saving throws, attack rolls, ability checks, skill checks, and weapon damage rolls. This lasts 1 hour (24 hours if the god has 20 HD or more).

Divine Shield-As an immediate action, the god can create a shield that lasts 1 minute (or 10 minutes for a god with 20 HD or more) and protects the god’s body and equipment from attacks. The shield stops 10 points of damage per divine rank. Once the shield stops that much damage, it collapses. The damage can be from any source, including a divine blast attack. The god can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + her Charisma modifier. The god can adjust the shield so that it does not block damage the god ignores anyway. The effects of multiple divine shields do not stack.

Area Divine Shield-You need Divine Rank 6 and Divine Shield to pick this ability.  Except where noted here, this ability works like the Divine Shield ability. The god produces a transparent barrier whose area is up to one 10-foot square per rank, or a sphere or hemisphere with a radius of up to 1 foot per rank. The barrier can be placed anywhere within the god’s line of sight. The god can place the barrier so that it is mobile with respect to some unattended object or willing creature. The barrier can be adjusted to ignore certain types of damage, just as a divine shield can. If the god makes the shield mobile with respect to a willing creature, the god also can make the barrier one-way with respect to the creature and her allies, allowing them to attack through the shield and still use her protection. The god can shape the shield around herself or around a willing creature so thats it is skintight, which prevents the subject from being touched.

Gift of Life-The god restores a touched recently dead  creature to life a number of times per day equal to her Cha mod, no matter the condition of the body. This ability works like the true resurrection spell, except that there is no material component and the subject can't have been dead for more than 1 hour per Divine Rank (no time limit if the god has 20 HD or more).

This ability can restore a creature to life against its will, but only with the permission of whatever deity rules the underworld or the divine realm where the mortal’s soul resides. This ability can resurrect an elemental or outsider and can resurrect a creature whose soul is trapped, provided the soul is not held by a deity of higher rank than the one using this ability.

At 7 HD you can replicate Reincarnation as a SLA instead with two uses. At 9 HD Raise Dead as a SLA instead with three uses. At 13 HD Ressurection as a SLA instead with four uses. At 17 HD True Ressurection instead with five uses. The casting time is equal to the one of the spell in those cases, CL=HD.

This ability cannot restore life to a creature that has been slain by the Hand of Death ability or the Life and Death ability of a deity with a higher rank.

Divine Fast Healing-The god gains fast healing equal to half her Divine Rank, stacking with any already existing fast healing. Lost limbs or body parts reattach instantly when pressed against the wounds of your body.  If you have 20 HD or more, add your Cha mod to your Fast Healing rate. You can take this multiple times, its effects stack.

Instant Move-You need Divine Rank 6 to pick this option. As a move action, 1/hour per HD, the god can travel up to 10 feet per divine rank, as though using the dimension door spell, except that the god never appears within a solid object and can act immediately after teleporting. If the god has 20 HD or more, triple the max distance the god can travel.

Maneuvers- The god learns and readies maneuvers of the Venerable Battlefield school as shown in the table. His initiator level is equal to his god level and he can only learn maneuvers of a level no bigger than half IL+1.  Every time the god exits a stance without entering a new one, she may recover all her expended maneuvers.

The god can choose and prepare its readied maneuvers with 5 minutes of meditation, or by 1 minute of actively engaging on an act directly related to her portfolio just for the sake of it.

At 4th level, and every even-numbered level afterwards, the god can swap  one of his older maneuvers with a new one he qualifies for from the Venerable Battlefield school.

In addition pick a weapon you're proficient with (which can be a natural weapon). That becomes your favored weapon. If you don't have proficiency with any weapons, you may pick a simple weapon to become your favorite weapon, in which case you gain proficiency with it. Fans, naturally.

Holy day- It's usual for mortals to dedicate certain days to certain gods.  At 2nd level pick a day of the year. During that day, your Divine Rank increases by 1. First Full Moon of the year!

Higher Existence- At levels  3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13 14, 18 and 20 you gain a permanent +1 to an ability score of your choice. You cannot pick the same ability score twice in a row with this ability. Charisma, Dexterity, Charisma, Dexterity

Lesser Deity-To pick the 6th level of God you need at least 5000 worshippers. You now impose some respect on godly politics, and gain a +2 bonus on all charisma-based skill checks against demigods.

Tactics & Progression
Get into melee range as soon as possible, using those few ranged abilities she has (that are not divine laser beams) and don't stop her from getting there in the interim. Proceed to use Deadly Dance if Damage Reduction or hitting the enemy proves to be notably difficult, use Fate--Old Immortal Fire if focusing on maneuvers (or likely to be hit and wanting the extra damage boost and effects). Divine Blast reserved for anything trying kiting and/or smug about range or flight. Or obstinate doors without another way to open them.

Other Divine abilities are more likely to be used, though Instant Move is saved for after engagement mop-ups or circumventing physical barriers and Area Divine Shield is more useful for protecting those squishier than even her.

Progression: More Charisma! Also more speed. Maybe something that grants flight...

"A princess should know how to protect her kingdom, Natsumi."

The first child born to a small kingdom buried in the centre of Herx, Natsumi's life was set to be short: used as political capital until some assassin or other decided that she was inconvenient the instant she became old enough or doomed to remain in a state that was beleaguered in all directions. Without some miracle, the kingdom would have been ground out of existence before her sister was even born. Just such a miracle occurred: a well-dressed warrior offered her service to train and lead the peasantry on one condition: she was put in charge of raising their oldest daughter.

Not questioning why this woman would have such a bizarre request, only wanting someone competent in charge of maintaining their power and independence, the royalty agreed. With the warrior's leadership skills and own individual prowess, their borders were stabilised enough to grant a measure of peace. By the time she could talk, the small kingdom's court was no longer in a climate of fear--just one of caution.

Exactly as she had requested, the warrior got to teach Natsumi, for reasons the princess would never fully understand, though seemed to boil down to a combination of lingering loyalty to her homeland and wanting to effect a lasting peace in the region. Aside from the obvious combat abilities--though the warrior dearly wished that Natsumi would take it more seriously--she imparted a measure of her own view of the world: constant conflict and social Darwinism was no good for anybody, but neither were autocratic laws that would just reset the whole cycle.

Exactly as she had hoped, the impressionable child decided to one day unite Herx. It was just a childish dream--but that was a start.

"Let me go after her!"

"And how, exactly, do you plan to safely retrieve your sister when the castle guards can stop you?"

Natsumi's life of relaxed training and indulging herself in trivialities and gambling came to an abrupt halt when her sister disappeared: running off to hell knew where and leaving behind a sister with a terrible, icy certainty that she could have stopped about this if she had been closer, a better sister and less of an aloof princess. Though she tried to pursue, the same guards she had thought she could beat any day of the week blocked her exit without difficulty, moving as a trained machine. It was humbling, to realise that despite her fancy abilities and superior individual skill, she could still be defeated by a simple handful of armoured men.

So she finally put the effort she should have long before into her training, trying to make up for years of negligence in the space of months. This short-lasting hyperfocus on martial skill was brought to an abrupt halt when the dreams started. Dreams of resting atop the mountain the castle was built against and gazing up at the night sky like some part of it belonged to her. She thought it was just stress, at first, but when letting up the pace refused to let her dreams return to normal, Natsumi started to look to supernatural causes.

Research showed her nothing that would grant such peaceful dreams, nothing that would look so much like memories. A few more clues were scattered here and there--gazing down in pride on a temple, a few mentions of a name--but nothing concrete until she stumbled across a book of local myths. 'Local' was the wrong word for the goddess that matched the name; the dry history books spoke of a few scattered memories and writings of worship that predated the God-King, and a lunar goddess that supposedly made her home around the area that was now Herx.

Natsumi became convinced the goddess in question was back and wanted to rebuild her religion.

"Start a religion? Don't be such an idiot! What do you plan to do if this works and the Empire decides Herx is getting too much of a risk?"

"Not start. Reignite. I have to do this."

Going directly against her teacher's advice and behind her back, Natsumi started attending peasant funerals and offering to conduct the rites herself, dedicating everything to a god none of them could have ever known. The elegance with which she performed the ceremonies and the ethereal nature that she leant to them converted a few. Discourse converted a few more. The princess's increasingly imposing force of personality and conviction? That got the rest.

That got enough to force her to rewrite her theories. A quiet, dull sense in the back of her head; a vague impression of a number that grew with each convert... it wasn't as if she was doing a goddess's will, it was as if she was the goddess herself. Maybe that's why some of the self-assured and forceful nature of the goddess from her dreams started to cross over into the waking world.

When she accidentally obliterated a dummy in training with a blast of light, Natsumi knew that it was time to take a break from all the action. Feeling drawn to the mountain peaks, despite the risk, she set off for a week-long trip after notifying her teacher and leaving her to deal with the problems. More skilled than her last attempt at making a substantial departure from the castle, Natsumi managed to lose the guards en route to her destination.

Not thinking about what she was doing, when she got to the peak, the princess consecrated the whole of the mountaintop to herself. For the few days after that, she stood at the mountain's highest point and gazed alternately at the night sky and the kingdom below her, contemplating just who--and what--she was.

When Natsumi climbed back down the mountain, she was a mere human princess no more: the remnants of the long-dead Tsukiyo and her infinitely distant descendant had come to an agreement. For now, her rank was but that of heir expectant... but when the time came, she would assume her rightful place as queen of both this country and its surroundings. First, Herx would be hers; then she would work out things with Singorn.

"You dare intrude upon my chambers? Prepare to di--Y-Yuuko?"

The greatest change to Natsumi's plan of gathering followers and waiting was the return of her sister from parts unknown. Not wanting to ruin this chance as much as the last, and wanting to set up enclaves of followers elsewhere rather than keeping all her eggs in one basket, she latched onto her younger sister. She would do things right, this time. She wasn't going to lose family like this again.
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Re: Heroes Reborn: Character Profiles
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Fumiko Natsukawa
N "Futakuchi-Onna"
Ancestor: Mind flayer 4/SpellthiefCA (tricksterDr353) 1/Sublime rogue 3
Descendant: Aranea 1/Sublime rogue 4/Spellthief (trickster) 1/Aranea +2

Team: Hero
Party Role: Radar, debuffs, plus standard rogue stuff


Fumiko has two additional forms: a "normal" form that suppresses her second mouth and animated hair, and a "true" form where her head twists 180 degrees and she runs around on all fours.
Ability Scores
Str 10
Dex 18 (+2 racial)
Con 18 (+2 item)
Int 24 (+4 racial, +2 level)
Wis 12
Cha 16 (+2 racial)
Combat Stats
HD: 3d10+4d8+2d6+32 (106 hp)
Saves: Fort +7* (+2 base, +4 Con, +1 resistance)
   Ref +10* (+5 base, +4 Dex, +1 resistance)
   Will +7* (+5 base, +1 Wis, +1 resistance)
*+1 vs spells
AC: 29* (+7 natural, +7 armor, +2 shield, +4 Dex, -1 flaw) touch 13, flat-footed 25
* +4 in Unsteady Gait stance
Initiative: +9 (+4 Dex, +5 warning weapon)
Speed: 30ft (50ft/Climb 25ft in Spider Form), levitate SLA
Senses: Darkvision 60ft, low-light vision, Trapfinding, Mindsight 80ft, detect magic + detect thoughts SLAs (CL 8/DC 17)
BAB/Grapple: +6/+19 (+6 racial bonus, use Int in place of Str)
Attacks: Tentacle +13 melee (2d4+7 plus Improved Grab) or Bite +6 (1d6+1d4 plus DC 18 Poison: 2d6 Str/4d6 Str) or Longspear +6 melee (1d8/x3, 10ft reach) or dart +10 ranged (1d4, range increment 40ft)
Full Attacks: 4 tentacles +13/+13/+13/+13 (2d4+7 plus Improved Grab) and Bite +6 (1d6+1d4 plus DC 18 Poison: 2d6 Str/4d6 Str), and Longspear +6/+1 (1d8/x3, 10ft reach) or dart +10/+5 (1d4, range increment 40ft)

Special Attacks: Mind Blast 8/day (35ft cone, Will 17 vs stun for 3d4 rounds), Web 16/day (touch attack entangles+immobilises Fine to Large enemies, range 160ft/increment 20ft, Escape Artist 18/Strength 22/16hp + hardness 0 + fire vulnerability), PS Sneak Attack (+1d6 spellthief, +2d6 Assassin's Stance, up to +4d6 as a boost), Steal Spell (-1d6 SA to absorb lv4- spell, can burn to power spellthief spells), Steal Spell Effect (-1d6 SA to transfer dispellable effect to self for 8 mins)
Non-standard Defenses: Aberration type, Evasion, Uncanny Dodge, Spell Resistance 19 (raise/lower as free action), Third Eye Clarity (1/day negate dazed/fascinated/confused/stunned), endure elements
Class Features
Proficiencies: Simple and natural weapons, falchion, hand crossbow, handaxe, kama, kukri, light pick, longbow, longsword, rapier, sai, sap, siangham, scimitar, short sword, and shortbow. Light armor but not shields.


Mind Flayer


Sublime Rogue

Feats & Skills
Feats: Mindsight, Darkstalker, Master Spellthief
Bonus feats (Flaw): Educated, Knowledge Devotion
Flaws: Murky-Eyed (roll twice on miss chance vs concealment), Vulnerable (-1 AC)
Skill Tricks: Collector of Stories, Conceal Spellcasting

SkillTotal ModBonuses
Appraise9*+7 Int, +2 Craft synergy (traps), +2 mwk tool
Balance4+4 Dex
Bluff2311 ranks, +3 Cha, +7 Int, +2 mwk tool
Climb4*+4 (HD/2) racial, +8 in Spider form
Concentration51 rank, +4 Con
Craft (alchemy)103 ranks, +7 Int
- (trapmaking)158 ranks, +7 Int
Decipher Script81 rank, +7 Int
Diplomacy5+3 Cha, +2 Bluff synergy
Disable Device134 ranks, +7 Int, +2 mwk thieves' tools
Disguise3*+3 Cha, +2 Bluff synergy (in-character)
Escape Artist4+4 Dex
Forgery134 ranks, +7 Int, +2 mwk tool
Gather Information3+3 Cha
Heal1+1 Wis
Hide1711 ranks, +4 Dex, +2 mwk tool
Intimidate208 ranks, +3 Cha, +7 Int, +2 Bluff synergy
Jump2+2 mwk tool
Knowledge (arcana)17*10 ranks, +7 Int, +5 identify monsters
- (dungeoneering)17*10 ranks, +7 Int, +5 identify monsters
- (history)101 rank, +7 Int, +2 Education
- (local)17*10 ranks, +7 Int, +5 identify monsters
- (nature)17*10 ranks, +7 Int, +5 identify monsters
- (nobility/royalty)101 rank, +7 Int, +2 Education
- (religion)17*10 ranks, +7 Int, +5 identify monsters
- (the planes)17*10 ranks, +7 Int, +5 identify monsters
Listen5+1 Wis, +4 (HD/2) racial
Move Silently1711 ranks, +4 Dex, +2 mwk tool
Open Lock71 rank, +4 Dex, +2 mwk thieves' tools
Perform3+3 Cha
Profession1+1 Wis
Search9+7 Int, +2 mwk tool
Sense Motive1+1 Wis
Sleight of Hand1911 ranks, +4 Dex, +2 Bluff synergy, +2 mwk tool
Spellcraft101 rank, +7 Int, +2 synergy (arcana)
Spot7+1 Wis, +4 (HD/2) racial, +2 mwk tool
Swim0+0 Str
Tumble6+4 Dex, +2 mwk tool
Use Magic Device107 ranks, +3 Cha
Use Rope4+4 Dex
Equip & Wealth
WBL: 27,000gp (26,221gp spent)
Longspear of warning (+5 init) w/ wand chamber2,005gpRight (+left) hand
Lesser crystal of illumination (20/40ft)400gpWeapon add-on
+1 Mithral shirt (+5 AC/+6/-0/10%)2,100gpArmor
Mwk Chahar-aina (+1 AC)225gpArmor add-on
Mwk Dastana (+1 AC)175gpArmor add-on
Least crystal of adaptation (endure elements)500gpArmor add-on
+1 Mithral buckler (+2 AC/0%)2,015gpLeft wrist
Cloak of resistance +11,000gpCloak
Hand of the Mage/Con +24,900gpNeck
Third Eye Clarity (1/day negate dazed/fascinated/confused/stunned)4,000gpFace
Artificer's Monocle1,500gpFace (not typically worn)
Spike Stones (maug graftFF)4,000gpSlotless
Boots of Agile Leaping (use Dex for Jump, swift-action stand at Balance 5+)900gpFeet
Gauntlets of Extended Range (2x thrown range increment)2,000gpHands
Wand of lesser vigor750gpWand chamber (longspear)
2x Gauntlets-(cost included in armor)
Grappling hook1gp
Some darts and flasks of acid

Masterwork tools
Bluff/Escape Artist/Sleight of HandArmor
Diplomacy/Gather InformationCloak
Jump/Hide/Move Silently/TumbleBoots
Craft (trap)/Disable Device/Open LockGauntlets
IL 7, 9 known/5 readied, 3 stances
Disciplines (Rogue): Falling Star, Fortunate Assailant, Open Jaws, Shadow Hand
Recover all maneuvers by taking a move action to move 10ft+; slaying an enemy with Sneak Attack recovers the maneuver burned to power it.

Assassin's StanceSH-3: +2d6 sneak attack.
Child of ShadowSH-1: Gain Su concealment for 1 round whenever you move 10ft, cannot use to hide.
Unsteady GaitFA-3: Gain +4 AC (+2 for every 5 ranks in Bluff).
Lightning FuryFS-4 (Boost): Move your speed, attacks deal +2d6 electricity damage.
Mithral Coccoon (Strike)OJ-3 [Trap, see text]: Entangle and immobilise an enemy, or set a proximity trap that does so (Reflex negates).
Phantom ArrowFS-1 (Boost): Ranged attacks deal +1d6 force, can strike incorporeal.
Reciprocating ShotFS-3 (Counter): Deal damage to opponent equal to (max hp – current hp), Fort half.
Scattering NeedlesOJ-1 (Rush) [Trap]: Lay a trail of hidden caltrops as you move.
Shadow JauntSH-2: Teleport 50ft as a standard action, within LoS and LoE.
Smoke Bomb (Strike)OJ-4 [Trap, see text]: Throw a bomb that replicates fog cloud or stinking cloud, or set it as a mine.
Trip WireOJ-1 (Boost) [Trap]: Lay a 10ft tripwire which can knock enemies over.
Your Sock's Untied! (Strike)FA-1: Enemy must make Will save vs your Bluff check; on success you attack twice vs flat-footed, on failure you take a -2 penalty on your attack.
Spells and SLAs
Psionics (Sp): 16/day - charm person, detect thoughts, levitate; save DC = 17 (Cha-based)
Detect Magic (Sp): 3/day

Sorc spells (lv2+4, CL8): 0/0+1/2+1/3+1
- Known: 1/1/1/1
Lv0: Dancing Lights
Lv1: Hoard GulletDM
Lv2: Cloud of knivesPHB2
Lv3: Manyjaws

Spellthief spells (lv2, CL8): 3/0+1 (plus stolen slots)
- Known: 5/2
Lv0: Know Direction, Launch Bolt, Message, Open/Close, Read Magic
Lv1: Ray of Clumsiness, Ray of Enfeeblement
Future Directions
Amulet of Natural Attacks
Gain Combat Reflexes or equivalent.
Spells to learn: cloak of Khyber, extend tentacles, fearsome grapple
At lv10, find someone with permanency and use Steal Spell on them to cast permanent extend tentacles.
Pick up Nest of a Thousand Spiders maneuver at IL9.
The feud between the Ishino and Natsukawa clans had existed for many years. Fumiko, eldest daughter of the Natsukawa head, was educated on the history of the conflict (long story short: someone got drunk) but paid it little attention; neither clan's forces were particularly large, and both were in easily defensible locations, making it hard for one to inflict serious damage on the other. She imagined it would be another few seasons at most before the Suuldaran tired of it and demanded they bury the hatchet. She certainly hadn't expected it to end this way...

The entire clan had gathered to celebrate the birth of Fumiko's newest sister, Keiko. The blow came from behind, to the back of Fumiko's head; she barely even felt it before she found her body crumpling to the floor. For the next few... days? hours? weeks? she drifted in and out of consciousness. She was dimly aware of people moving around her, of screaming, and at one point she thought she even felt someone tugging a ring from her finger, but no one seemed to notice that she was still alive. As time passed she realised that even if the wound didn't kill her, she would probably starve to death...

Fumiko was awoken by sunlight shining on her eyes. A weight pressed down on her back, and her surroundings smelled of rotten meat. Somehow she found the strength to climb to her feet, where she found that she had been buried under two of the servants' half-eaten corpses. The wound to her head, miraculously, had healed. Her search for other survivors was short-lived; there wasn't enough of the house left to search. Among the bodies, though, she recognised one or two members of the Ishino clan. After confirming what details she could from local farmers, she set off for the lands of the Suuldaran, taking precaution to avoid being spotted.

With her tattered clothes they were at first reluctant to let her through, but eventually she was granted an audience. It was as she had feared: apart from her, the entirety of her family had been slain. The Natsukawa were no longer an officially recognised house, with their holdings being granted to the Ishino. Any attempt she could make at revenge would be regarded as a crime by a commoner against nobility, and was doomed to failure either way.

There was another way, she decided. The Suuldaran were the highest authority of Suul, but even they answered to the God-king of Amantanea. If she were to gain Singorn's favour, they would have no choice but to allow her to refound House Natsukawa. Even if the house was officially dead, others had probably escaped and gone into hiding like her; once she had recognition she would be able to gather them to her side. In any case, it probably wasn't safe to remain in Suul.
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Re: Heroes Reborn: Character Profiles
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Magus Sulta Jikmada, WyrmKing Ascendant
Lawful Good Human Dragonborn of Bahamut
Ancestor: Scaleshaper 8
Descendant: Wyrm Warrior* 7 / King's Heart 1
*Dragonborn Racial Substitution levels

Team: Main Gauche
Party Role: Melee DPS, Support Tank, Knowledge skillmonkey, scouting


Ability Scores
Strength: 14
Dexterity: 14 (-2 Racial)
Constitution: 20 (+2 Racial)
Intelligence: 12 (+2 Level)
Wisdom: 12
Charisma: 18 (+2 Wyrmspirit)

Combat Stats
HP/HD: 133 (7d12 + 1d8 + Con Bonus + 1 Dragontouched)
  • Fortitude: 11 (+6 Base + 5 Con + 1 Stamina)
  • Reflex: 8 (+6 Base + 2 Dex + 1 Agility)
  • Will: 6 (+6 Base + 1 Wis)
AC: 25 (10 + 2 Dex Modifier + 2 Shield + 6 Platinum Sheath + 5 Con modifier Natural)
Initiative: +7 (2 Dex Modifier + 5 Warning Enchantment)
Speed: 30 ft / 30 ft Fly (Average Maneuverability)
Senses: Darkvision 60 ft, Low-light Vision
BAB/Grapple: +8 BAB / +10 Grapple
Attacks: Dwarven Waraxe (Natural Form), Natural Attacks 1 bite / 2 claws / 2 wings (Scaleshifted)
Full Attacks: +10/+4
Defenses: Immunity to Paralysis and Magic sleep effects, DR 5/-

Racial Traits
+2 Con, -2 Dex
Humanoid (dragonblood)
+2 dodge bonus to Armor Class against creatures of the dragon type.
Immunity to Frightful Presence
Draconic Aspect: Mind
 -  Immunity to paralysis and magic sleep effects
 -  Darkvision 30 ft
 -  Low-light vision
 -  +2 Racial bonus to listen, search, spot skill checks
Draconic Aspect: Heart [Gained via Wyrm Warrior, ECL 3]
 -  3d8  chosen energy damage, 40 ft line, ref save v con for 1/2, every 1d4 rounds
Draconic Aspect: Wings [Gained via Wyrm Warrior, ECL 6]
 -  30 ft (Average) Flight Speed
 -  +10 racial bonus to jump skill checks
 -  Glide: 1d6 max falling damage even when unconscious, cannot hover ever

1 - Entangling Exhalation
1 - Dragontouched [Wyrm Warrior / Scaleshaper Bonus Feat]
3 - Knowledge Devotion
6 - Multistrike

Class Features
  • Scaleshift (Wyrmling, Young, Juvenile)
  • Wyrmspirit - +2 Bonus - Alertness, Ephemeral, Telepathy 120 ft/60 ft, Wyrm Whispers, Recover Ideal
  • Project Dragon - Max.# 2 - Max Category IV
  • Strong Spirit
  • Varied Projection
  • Projected Shape
  • Dual Ideal

  • Blade (Su)
  • Primary Ideals (Su)
  • Scales (Su)
  • Breath of the Heart (Su) +2d4/level
  • Draconic Recovery (Ex)
  • Dragonborn wings (Ex)
  • Congruence (Wyrmling)
  • Glorious Aura (Ex)
  • Restricted Ideals
  • Sheath of Platinum (Su/Ex)- Light, +6 AC, 0 ACF/ASF, DR 5/-

Idealist Level: 8
Ideals Known: 6
Ideal Powers: Juvenile
Ideal Uses/Day: 11 (8 level + 3 Charisma Bonus)

Primary Ideals
  • Gold Ideal - Claw Bracer Proficiency
  • Silver Ideal - Dwarven Waraxe Proficiency
  • Bronze Ideal - Great Scimitar Proficiency

Other Ideals
  • Beast Dragon
  • Emerald Dragon
  • Steel Dragon

Maneuvers and Stances
Stances -
 - Punishing Stance - All melee attacks +1d6, -2 AC
 - Slippery Stance, Lesser - +4 AC, Fire Resist 10, +4 escape grapple/v disarm, fire damage ends stance but causes obscuring mist effect

Level 1 -
 - All Consuming Rampage Release (Boost) - Infernal Monster

Level 2 -
 - Watchful (Counter) - Open Tome

Level 3 -
 - Iron Heart Surge (Boost) - Iron Heart
 - World-Breaker Grip (Boost) - Infernal Monster

Level 4 -
 - Screaming Meat-Shield (Counter) - Infernal Monster
 - Open Tome (Boost) - Open Tome

Notable Skills
Knowledge (Arcana) +17 (+23 when identifying monsters)
Knowledge (Religion) +17 (+23 when identifying monsters)
Knowledge (The Planes) +17 (+23 when identifying monsters)
Knowledge (Nature) +17 (+23 when identifying monsters)
Knowledge (Local) +17 (+23 when identifying monsters)
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +17 (+23 when identifying monsters)
Jump +12
Listen +7
Spot +7
Intimidate +6

Skill Trick:
Collector of Stories

Agility Stamina Ghost-Warding +1 Sheath of Platinum - Has Called and DR 5/- effect - 5,000 gp
Mage-bane Gauntlet - 2,302 gp
Warning Gauntlet - 2,302 gp
Holy Dwarven Waraxe - 8,330


9 - Scaleshaper // King's Heart
10 - Scaleshaper // King's Heart
11 - Scaleshaper // King's Heart
12 - Scaleshaper // King's Heart
13 - Scaleshaper // Wyrm Warrior
14 - Scaleshaper // Wyrm Warrior
15 - Scaleshaper // Wyrm Warrior
16 - Scaleshaper // Wyrm Warrior
17 - Scaleshaper // Wyrm Warrior
18 - Scaleshaper // Wyrm Warrior
19 - Scaleshaper // Wyrm Warrior
20 - Scaleshaper // Wyrm Warrior

Final Build: Scaleshaper 20 // Wyrm Warrior 15 / King's Heart 5

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Re: Heroes Reborn: Character Profiles
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Under Construction

Kayun Iatury

True Neutral Lesser Magic-Blooded Tiefling
Ancestor: Machine Mistress 8
Descendant: Machinist 8

Team: ?
Party Role: ?


In combat situations, if given time, she tends to morph to a more intimidating form
Combat Form

Ability Scores
Initial Scores
Str: 10
Dex: 16
Con: 16
Int: 18 
Wis: 12
Cha: 14

After Racial Adjustments and Items
Str: 10 (-) [-]
Dex: 18 (+4) [+2 racial]
Con: 16 (+3) [-]
Int: 22 (+6) [+2 racial, +2 level]
Wis: 10 (-) [-2 racial]
Cha: 14 (+2) [-]

Combat Stats
HD: 8d10+24 (104hp)
Saves: F: +9 (+6 base, +3 Con), R: +10 (+6 base, +4 Dex), W: +6 (+6 base)
AC: 26 (+4 Dex, +6 Nat, +6 Def Count), touch 20, flat-footed 22
Initiative: +4 (+4 Dex)
Speed: 30ft
Senses: Darkvision 60ft
BAB/Grapple: +6 /+6
Full Attacks:
SLA attacks:
Non-standard Defenses: Immunity to Mind-affecting, Immunity to Paralysis and Stun, Immunity to Ability Damage and Drain, Elemental Resistances (Fire 5, Electricity 5, Cold 5)

Racial Traits
  • +2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, -2 Wisdom
  • Medium size
  • Base land speed is 30 feet
  • Darkvision out to 60 feet
  • Racial Skills:  +2 racial bonus on Bluff and Hide checks
  • Resistance to cold 5, electricity 5, and fire 5
  • Spell-like Abilities: Darkness, Detect magic, Nystul's Magical Aura, Nystul's Undetectable aura, and Read Magic 1/day (CL=Character Level)
  • Automatic Languages: Common, Infernal. Bonus Languages: Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Orc

Class Features

Machine Mistress
Features:Unless otherwise noticed, all class features of the Machine Mistress are Ex abilities, even those that replicate spells.
Craft(construct) refers to the Craft skill with most ranks the Machine Mistress has. Artificial minions come in a variety of flavors after all.

  • Armoured Form: Flesh is frail and must be replaced with strong metal if you are to live to develop your work. The first "Improvements" a Machine Mistress starts with herself is plating her own body, granting her a Natural Armor bonus equal to her Int mod. This chance is aparent to any viewer, altough the details vary a lot. Some Machine Mistress prefer rough metal plates, others cover themselves in smooth alloys that would look just like normal skin if not for the clear metallic colour. The details can be changed with 8 hours of work. Either way the Machine Mistress can attempt to look "normal", using Craft(Construct) instead of disguise.

    If the Machine Mistress already had better Natural Armor, she may increase it by 1 instead.
  • Machine Minion: The Machine Mistress starts with one Machine Minion, a small or medium sized mindless construct with 1 HD that obeys whitout question (notice that as a mindless being it has neither skills or feats). Besides the usual features and traits of the construct type, it gains the following base characteristics

    It must then pick a “base” Chassis

    And then it can be fitted with Acessories. Each Machine Minion has Upgrade “slots” equal to its HD. Each Upgrade takes a number of  “slots”equal to the number in brackets.  Unless otherwise noticed each can only be taken once.

    Upgrades may be changed with 1 hour of work per Upgrade Slot. Destroyed minions may be rebuilt with 1 hour of work per HD if the body is recovered. If apropriate installations like a blacksmith or workshop are available those times are halved. If the body wasn't recovered, the Machine Mistress must spend materials worth 100 GP per HD to create a new minion from scratch. At the DM's discretion, available scrap material like destroyed armor/weapons/siege machines may be converted into new Machine Minions whitout extra cost.

    Either way, the Machine Mistress has to spend 1 hour every day working maintenance on her Machine Minions (1 hour enough for all of them), or they'll start to suffer from jamming regardless of being under control range or not.
  • Multiple Minions: At 2nd level the Machine Mistress can build and maintain a second Machine Minion, and more as shown in the table as she levels up.
  • Combine Minions: At 2nd level the Machine Mistress can create servants with more HD. A Machine Minion with 2 HD takes the resources of two 1 HD Machine Minions, and every  2 HD from there takes twice the amount of level 1 minions. So a 6 HD minion takes the resources of 8 1 HD minions, a 8 HD minion takes the resources of 16 1 HD minions, and so on.
  • Control System: At 3rd level the Machine Mistress develops a special portable control system, a tiny-sized object that allows her to give orders to all her Machine Minions in a range of 30 feet per rank in Craft (Construct) she has. It must be holded in at least one hand, and if dropped its effects end until retrieved. If lost/destroyed a new one can be built with 100 GP worth of materials and 8 hours of work, rendering the previous one useless. The Control System may be combined with a weapon, in which case it works as long as the weapon is holded by the Machine Mistress.
  • Metal Over Flesh: At 4th level and every other level thereafter the Machine Mistress can start replacing the weak fleshy bits of her body with mechanical ones.

    If you're already a full construct, instead your hit points increase by 5 every time this upgrade is gained.
  • Advanced Prototype: At 5th level, the Machine Mistress becomes more inspired to work on a favored project. Choose one of her Machine Minions, refered to thereafter as the pet prototype. All upgrades to the Pet Prototype cost 1 less upgrade Slot to apply, down to a minimum of 1 Slot per Upgrade. She may change her Pet Prototype by disassembling the previous one (or if it is destroyed).
  • Let's Try This: Making your personal mechanical army is not an exact science, and some experiments turn out better than others. At 6th level the Machine Mistress 1/day with 1 hour of work the Machine Mistress can add a total number of extra upgrade Slots on her Machine Minions (or herself) as shown on the table, distributed as she sees fit, going over the regular limit of 1 slot per HD. Those upgrades only last 24 hours tough.
  • Auto Upgrade: At 7th level the Machine Mistress gains a number of Upgrade Slots equal to half her HD, rounded down.

  • Weapon and Armor Proficiency: As a machinist, you are proficient with the club, dagger, dart, gauntlet, quarterstaff, rapier, sword-cane, and unarmed strike, and with light armor and shields. A machinist is also automatically proficient with all [magitech] weapons, armors, and shields.
  • Maneuvers: You begin your career with knowledge of six martial maneuvers. Your martial maneuvers are organized into disciplines known as colleges. You may select maneuvers from the colleges of Akasha’s Timepiece, Crystalline Optics, Entropy Dynamo, and Experimental Alchemy as well as the traditional disciplines of Diamond Mind and Stone Dragon. You learn additional maneuvers at higher levels as shown on the table above. You must meet a maneuver’s prerequisite to learn it.

    Unlike most martial disciplines, the machinist’s colleges are concerned principally with the practical application of magical and engineering principles rather than martial skill, spiritual devotion, or meditation. All maneuvers from a college are supernatural unless otherwise noted. Diamond Mind and Stone Dragon maneuvers represent your use of powered weapons and armors; you can ignore the normal Stone Dragon requirement to be standing on a surface when initiating a maneuver, but you must be wearing a [magitech] armor to use maneuvers from these two disciplines, and must be wielding a [magitech] weapon to deliver strikes from these disciplines.

    Upon reaching 4th level, and at every even-numbered machinist level after that, you can choose to learn a new maneuver in place of one you already know. You can swap only a single maneuver at any given level.
  • Stances Known: You begin play with knowledge of one stance from any discipline open to you. You learn additional stances at higher levels as shown on the table above.
    Unlike maneuvers, stances are not expended and need not be readied. They are always available to you. You also cannot learn a new stance at higher levels in place of one you already have.
  • Machinist Knack (Ex): You have a knack for manipulating magical substances, and can use the Craft (alchemy) skill even though you are not a spellcaster.
    You can use your machinist initiator level in place of your spellcaster level when crafting [magitech] weapons, armor, constructs, and wondrous items, and you may ignore Item Creation feat prerequisites when crafting such items.

    You qualify for warforged racial feats and may imbed warforged components as if you were a warforged.
  • Mad Science: As a machinist, you are constantly working to improve your devices and master new magical principles. Each time you gain the mad scientist ability, you gain one of the abilities listed below.

    Tools of the trade: At 1st level, you gain the benefit of the Weapon Focus feat when wielding magitech weapons.

    Tech menace: At 4th level, and again at 12th level, choose one of your colleges or disciplines. You add your Intelligence modifier as a bonus on damage rolls whenever you execute a strike from the chosen college or discipline.

    Defensive genius: At 8th level, and again at 16th level, choose one of your colleges or disciplines. You gain a +2 bonus on saving throws whenever you adopt a stance of the chosen college or discipline.

    You gain a +2 bonus on Martial Lore checks regarding a maneuver in a college or discipline for which you have studied mad science.
  • Defensive Countermeasures: Starting at 2nd level, you can add your Intelligence bonus to your armor class so long as you are either unarmored or using only magitech armors and/or shields. This bonus applies even against touch attacks or when you are flat-footed, but does not apply when you are unconscious or helpless.
  • Bonus Feat: At 8th level, and again every four levels thereafter, you gain a bonus feat, which must be selected from the machinist bonus feat list, below. You must meet the prerequisites for the feat.
    Augment Alchemy, Blind-Fight, Construct Grafter, Education, Grenadier, Hypergeometry Specialization, Improved Unarmed Strike, Improved Initiative, Investigation, Mad Alchemist, Mechanical Genius, Mirrored Crystals, Prototype Power Armor, Prototype Weaponry, Reciprocating Engine, Research, Skill Focus, Tesla’s Gambit, or any warforged racial feat.

Feats, Flaws, Traits



Equip & Wealth

Maneuvers Known & Per Day


Equipment Wish List

Strengths and Weaknesses

Future Directions
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