So Close, Yet So… Close, Actually

Welp, with 1.0 ever in our sights, we realized that it was high time for a very, very, very close-to-version-1.0 update. This just might be the very last release before we reach our full version. You can nab it at the usual place. A rough changelog awaits you below the fold.


  • The Flurry maneuver has been removed from the book entirely due to balance issues.
  • pg 37 Discipline of the Serpent has been entirely rewritten from the ground up in light of the removal of flurry.
  • pg 122 Precise Strike has been introduced to cover a niche that Flurry had missed; gaining a way to pierce [Resistance] and [Damage reduction], and a way to hit high-AC opponents


  • pg 9 Constitution no longer gives HP per level. This role has been taken over by characters’ KDM which gives HP in much the same way.
  • pg 9 Constitution now gives [Damage reduction] equal to half your Constitution modifier (if positive).
  • pg 91 Constitution  now has a new skill, Vigor.

Classes and Extra Tracks

  • pg 55 Acrobatic Adept has been rewritten from the ground up.
  • pp 54-55 We blew up Demo Man into something clearer and better

Racial Tracks

  • pg 77-78 Demon has been reforged in the fires of the abyss.
  • pg 80 Sentient Construct has gotten an upgrade.
  • pg 81-84 Undead has been killed and re-raised.

Movement Speed per level, and movement modes

  • pg 20 Characters’ movement speed increases by +5 ft at 2nd level and every three levels thereafter. These increases have been added to the table on page 21 as well.
  • pg 38 Discipline of the Crane’s Fast Movement ability has been reduced slightly in light of these changes to +10 ft at 1st circle and +5 ft for every circle afterwards(max +40 ft)
  • pp 119-120 Movement modes have been made to simplify the case of multiple sources of [Flying], [Swimming], etc. Gaining another source of a movement mode you possess instead grants a +10 bonus to movement speed.
  • pg 120 The Burrow movement mode and its associated [Burrowing] condition has been created

Elf revision

  • pg 25 Elves are no longer hilariously weak punching bags

Feat Re-balancing

  • Many of our feats have been clarified in their phrasing and re-balanced.

The [Arcane] property

  • pg 178 A new weapon property has been made to help magic-users catch up on damage

Skill updates

  • pp 89-90 Examples for breaking and escaping bonds have been added to Athletics and Larceny respectively
  • pg 90 The scaling passive bonuses of Athletics has been changed in light of the new movement speed scaling
  • pg 91 Stealth has been revised and (hopefully) simplified in its application

SIze categories

  • pg 23 Clarification has been added as to what being [Tiny] or [Huge] entails

Vision Updates

  • pp 122-123 Line of Sight has been clarified. Vision modes have been edited slightly for the change
  • pg 125 [Blinded] has been revised in light of the Line of Sight fix
  • pg 128 [Invisible] now has a passive, Stealth-like function to help those who have not trained Stealth

Condition Updates

  • pp 128-129 [Paralyzed] and [Petrified] are still nasty, but now allow a save every [Round]


  • pp 141-144 Mooks have been overhauled, and are just a wee bit less like fodder than before. Operatives are now a template on certain mooks that allows them to attune to magic items.

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