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Hi folks,

Some people have been asking about the overall progress on Legend, particularly regarding the special leather-bound printing for some of our Kickstarter donors. The short version is that right now, we are focused on finishing a set of updates to the current release version of Legend, including a series of typographical errors and a couple of strange cases where a line or two was accidentally deleted from the 1.0 version. At this point, we are in the process of typesetting a new release candidate including the fixes that Legend needs to be a game we feel comfortable setting down in hard copies. Once the release candidate has been proofed and finalized, we will arrange to have leather-bound copies printed and sent to the Kickstarter donors we promised them to.

We are continuing to work on the Legend Monster Guide, and will continue to update all of you on our progress over the next few months.

-Mr. C (posted via Mr. W)

4 comments on “State of the Game

  1. Orman Tagge on said:

    So…any updates in the last 6 months?

  2. Is Legend Dead? The Forums are barely going and the front page hasn’t been updated in 2 years!

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