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So, there’s two things really.

  1. We’ve broken 6k with the Kickstarter.
  2. We’ve decided to increase the number of design-your-monster rewards we’re offering .

The first is truly incredible. But I want to talk a little about the second, actually. The reason we increased our offerings here is pretty simple. Monsters are perhaps the most fundamental building block for many types of game. Not only do we offer fairly few options for them stock, but we’re starting to worry about our ability to actually do the Monster Guide on the schedule we had planned. By offering these incentives, we hope to ease both sides of the problem. In short, many of these monsters will be released twice.

The first release will be our usual lovely typeset monster stat-blocks, on an as-we-can basis. It should be pretty snappy, but we’re offering a lot of slots for this reward. The second will be as part of the monster manual, with illustrations and expanded discussions of usage and encounter design with the monster in question.

Finally, this is a chance to have a serious say in what kinds of monsters, at least mechanically, form the basis of Legend’s bestiary. For rights reasons, we can’t use significant portions of the existing iconic heritage of the genre. Instead, we need your help, your creativity, in our quest to build our own suite of distinct and charming terrible monstrosities.
Please, help us help you make things that stomp around like Gojira. Please, tell people about this unique opportunity to build and adopt a terror from beyond time. We need you to spread the word. We need your help.

4 comments on “State of The Cool

  1. John on said:

    Exciting news. Questions though:
    1. How many more design-your-monster rewards are you offering?
    2. Where will we be able to see them?
    3. What exactly are you looking for in regards to the designs? Are you seeking unique creature-concepts, or any usable ideas, such as, say, ideas from myths and such? Do you need full-on tracks, or just general concepts (visually and mechanically) to work off of?

    Doubt I’m alone in saying that the idea of getting to make some monsters is exciting :D .

    • Mr. K on said:

      We added 22 so far.
      They’re kickstarter rewards.
      In general, either will work. We obviously have to be careful when dealing with IP issues but other than that, we’ll take anything from a name to a description to a minimal spec.

  2. Monsters! SQUEEEEE!

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