Thank-yous and announcements

First off, we’re over $4,300 now and an incredible 4000+ downloads. You contributors are incredible. All of us here are super excited and very grateful; thank you so much.

Second, we’ve seen some recurring questions in the comments, in discussion threads on various forums, and in other places. I’d like to address those questions.

Will Legend be available in a dead-tree/hard-copy format?

We’d love it to be. However, the costs for a paper edition are fairly high, and our deal with Child’s Play has them receiving all of the proceeds from sales for the Legend core book. It’s likely going to be a while before we can fund something like a paper edition of Legend.

Where are monster statblocks? Building monsters from scratch sounds like a lot of work.

Monster statblocks, along with a great many new racial tracks, will be in an upcoming Legend supplement. Keep checking the website for more information!

Will incentive DLC make it into a final version of the Legend PDF?

Absolutely. In a few cases, such as the elemental tracks, you can expect to see them incorporated into the Legend Monster Guide (or whatever we end up calling it).

Feel free to keep adding comments. We read them. Thank you so much!

13 comments on “Thank-yous and announcements

  1. First of all: love the system overall, you have done a fantastic job.

    However, do you have plans to set up a forum, or is there a good place to ask questions about the rules?

    For now, I’ll just ask away:
    I’m a little confused on the rules / motivation for melee range. Specifically, I don’t quite understand the increased range with increased levels. If I understand this correctly, a level 20 character with a reach weapon would have a melee range of 30 ft – if using a battle grid with the standard 5 ft / square: 6 squares.
    Threatened squares are all squares within melee range, and as such no enemy could move other than 5-foot-stepping within a 6 square radius of my character? I guess it’s not a problem if the enemy has a corresponding melee range, but overall, especially with the size of range powers, it may be difficult to play using a battle grid.

    • You’re right that high-level play can be difficult with a battle grid. Since 5-foot increments are relatively tiny at that range, one thing you can consider doing is “zooming out” the battle grid so that one square is relatively smaller. Lower-level creatures (such as enemy soldiers in a huge battle scene) could be packed relatively closely in the new “10-foot” or “20-foot” squares, while more powerful characters would remain the “larger-than-life” figures that they ought to be. One way to do this is instead of using a miniature to represent a less-powerful creature, you could use a die with the appropriate number of sides to reflect the number of cannon fodder creatures remaining in the square (so if there are 4 orcs in the 10-foot square, you could take a d4 or d6, set it to 4, and count down as they get killed off). Meanwhile, the characters who are relevant to the story – PCs and named enemies – could get actual miniatures and properly dominate their square.

      • Yes, that a decent solution.

        I guess I just don’t understand the original motivation for having scaling ranges in the first place. The base range values seem acceptable to me (in terms of abstract game mechanics, not necessarily their real-world distance), and you’d avoid most scale issues.

        Then again, I haven’t seen the game in play yet. Can’t wait to though.

        • That’s a question we’ve had a few times. The simple explanation is that we want characters to feel powerful as they gain levels, and if your concept is hitting things with a sword a really important aspect of power is being able to hit *more* things with a sword. Similarly, one of the features we liked in our OGL source material was the fact that spellcasters could reach out and touch you from farther away as they got more powerful; since we think that everyone should get more powerful as they level and not just wizards, we chose to make all ranges scale instead of just spells.

          Scaling ranges also very directly affect “warrior” characters’ capabilities when they have ways to do a lot of damage to nearby creatures. We very much want a high-level Barbarian to be able to engage a decent chunk of a low-level army with her Whirlwind attack, for example.

          There’s a more complex tactical explanation, but I’ll probably put that in a design blog post. Keep an eye out.

          • I was referring to the fact that all the ranges (melee, close, medium, long, etc) seemed fine, but thanks for the explanation.

            I’ll definitely keep an eye out for that post. Good luck with the rest of drive!

  2. Logan Allen on said:

    Just wondering, but when the updated version of the Core Rulebook that includes all of the donation-incentive content is released, will that be by December 9th, or will it need to be paid for? (I’ve already “paid” for it via donation)

  3. You will not have to pay for it. It will be released before the end of the pay-what-you-want period, which will likely be moved back as a donation incentive.

    • Other Steven on said:

      So, just so we’re clear, after the donation period the sourcebook will turn into a ‘Pay X amount and receive the sourcebook PDF’ type payment plan?

      Also, if there are any future editions, will we have to repurchase the new edition, or do future editions come along with our initial donation/purchase?

      Or are you still in the works for your future payment plans? If this is the case, for what it’s worth, I would be entirely in favor of keeping the pay-what-you-want for the sourcebook, and charging for supplementary content.

  4. I think your donation meter is stuck.

    • It is, after a fashion. Clear your cache manually and refresh. The chip-in widget is unsupported, but it was the fastest option available since we had to bootstrap the site in less than a day.

  5. Durazno on said:

    I am very impressed overall, and the fact that you’re starting with doing this for charity makes it even better.

    Is there a space dedicated to questions and criticisms, like a forum or anything?

  6. Winnifred Hussong on said:

    Excuse my stupidity, but I can’t seem to find your sites rss feeds. Mind directing me to it? Thanks.

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