After 16 months of often-vocal feedback, we’ve assembled dozens of pages of bugfixes and balance changes for the final 1.0 release. Now we need to shift our focus from taking in new feedback to typesetting and merging 1.0 balance changes. Since this part of the process doesn’t really involve me, I’m here to announce that the Legend System’s first open beta is officially over. Keep playing Legend, keep enjoying yourselves, but at this time we’re locking down all content changes to release a game that we’re truly proud of.

Along with the rest of the Rule of Cool team, I’m extremely grateful for the insights and criticism the community has provided to make Legend a much, much better game than the original beta release 16 months ago. We hope that all of you will be back to download and play the 1.0 release.

Make of the cryptic title what you will.

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