Vote Up A Track Final Tally

Polls: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th

The last poll of Vote Up A Track is finished, with Hope as the most popular option. Just as a reminder, the other winning options in the series of polls were Dreamer, Walking Nightmares and Oddball. Looking forward to see how they all combine? Stay tuned, and feel free to speculate.

4 comments on “Vote Up A Track Final Tally

  1. Cieyrin on said:

    Speculates for a magical girl track…

  2. Gengar track

  3. Blindeye on said:

    With Hope + Dreamer + Walking Nightmare, adding ‘Oddball’ is kind of redundant O_O

    My guess?… Some kind of optimistic doomsday track. Or Goth Magical Girl. Or both.

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