VUAT Complete; Meet the Chirurgic Poet

Remember the Vote Up a Track polls from January? If not, here’s a reminder: after a series of four polls, you guys voted up a track based around the concepts of Walking Nightmares, Dreamer and Hope – and to make things even more exciting, the track’s role was selected as Oddball, letting our designers really cut loose.

And cut loose they did. The Chirurgic Poet track allows you to tap into the shades that haunt the realm of Dreamtime, using your own life force to bring them into being and protect your allies – or confound your enemies. While frequently using the Poet’s abilities will leave a character drained, it will also grant them the Dreamtime’s protection, leaving each individual Poet guessing whether or not taking the plunge will save their bacon, or spell their doom.

One comment on “VUAT Complete; Meet the Chirurgic Poet

  1. Logan on said:

    Looking very good. I wish the ability to summon the shades was played up a little bit more, but overall, it’s an interesting addition.

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